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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on how many carries Chris Johnson will receive)

We're going to go into this game and try to win it. There's a good chance we're going to hand it off to him. There's a good chance we're also going to throw. If we hand it off to him the first play of the game, then you're all going to say, 'Oh, they're going for the record.' We're going to hand him the football. We're going to try to win it and they're going to do their best to try to win the game. For them to have an opportunity to win the game they're going to have to minimize his production.

(on Chris Johnson's carries)

I'm not thinking about carries or yards or anything. What I hope happens is in the event we are fortunate enough for him to reach the milestone, I want to get the football for my fireplace. Other than that, I'm not going to pay attention. It's my ball.

(on how disappointed he is that Chris Johnson is the only Pro Bowl player for the Titans)

Every year this comes up. You have players on your team that you think were worthy of being selected to the Pro Bowl. This year in particular, I'm a little disappointed about the offensive line and some other positions. When you take into consideration we're first in the league in rushing average and second in the league in total rushing yards, about 60 yards behind the Jets, and then we're second in the league in sacks per pass play. Our offensive line's done a nice job. You take into consideration that C.J.'s leading the next rushing player by 525 yards, our offensive line, I think, was deserving of that. It's just that case where there's at any of those positions, there's two or three slots and there's four or five worthy of it. I'm disappointed for them. I think any one of those guys on our offensive line is deserving of it.

(on if he would like to see it split to left tackle and right tackle for Pro Bowl selections)

There's three very high draft choices in our conference and they're not in the other conference. We've always had the question whether, is the outside linebacker, is he the guy that is in the three-down scheme that's got the most sacks or is he the best outside linebacker that plays behind the ball and doesn't get to rush? That has always been the case with Keith (Bulluck) over the years.

(on if the offensive line has performed better this year than last year)

Yeah, I believe they did considering the circumstances. Take Mike Roos for example, I believe the three defensive ends playing in the Pro Bowl this year, two are in Indy, one's in Houston. Mike's really the only tackle that's gone up against them twice this year. Anyway, you move on.

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