Coach Fisher's Tuesday Training Camp Report




Training Camp Central

(on Ryan Mouton leaving practice after injuring ankle)

We're checking on him. I think it's an ankle. I don't know to what extent essentially.

(on how the passing game is working with the offseason additions)

Well it's coming along. We're making plays out here and we haven't really put a lot in the game plans per say, but it looks good out here. It's efficient. A good basis to judge it by is our defense, because our defense is pretty good at adjusting to seeing a concept once and taking it away. So as long as we keep making plays against the defense, we'll assume we'll be okay.

(on Ryan Mouton's injury giving another player a chance)

Yeah, that's the nature of training camp. When a guy goes down somebody else steps up. We don't have any information as to the extent. He could be back on the practice field tomorrow, we don't know.

(on where Ryan Mouton's injury is)

Yeah, it's an ankle.

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