Coach Fisher's Tuesday Training Camp Report

Training Camp Central


(on Alex Mortensen's interception during the game having to do with him being cut from the team)


It had nothing to do with the interception. We clearly had some number problems at linebacker and we signed and worked out a couple linebackers. We just didn't have a luxury of carrying him anymore. I told him, 'It's a great experience to be able to play in a game.' We got him in the ball game and he's two-for-two with a touchdown, so he should be happy about that.

(on one of the new linebackers being a familiar face)


Rocky [Boiman] was recently released by the Chiefs and is in great shape and understands what we're doing. We need help right now just because numbers are down and it works out good. Tyson [Smith] worked out very well for us too.

(on putting emphasis on plays to get Vince Young more involved in the run game)


We have some things that we're going to continue with training camp. This was one area that we hadn't got as much work on as we would have liked.

(on Kenny Britt)


He's clearly in good shape. After his individual run he recovered and ran very well right after. He's in good shape.

(on the players getting back to practice and fixing mistakes from the game)


Well, we got everything corrected. The penalties were obviously an issue but we got them corrected. We've got some things yet we have to get done in the next couple of days. Injury wise we're starting to heal up and getting guys back on the practice field. Things look good for the weekend.

(on the option plays ran in practice)


We're just working on some things that we need to work on.

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