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Coach Fisher's Tuesday Training Camp Report


(on Ryan Mouton's performance)

I think most of the defense was happy about that play. A two-minute drive at the end of a day like this where it's especially hot can be taxing. But Ryan makes a play, drill's over. But we do need to work on our two-minute (drill). There will be times when we'll start that over. But today, considering the effort they put in and the heat, it was time to shut that drill down.

(on if the decision to practice Wednesday night was made because of the heat)

We originally scheduled this a long time ago. The design is to… you know, you anticipate hot days like this and now we've got 24 hours to recover, and then we'll have a good solid, physical practice tomorrow.

(on if the team dealt well with the heat)

Didn't have any issues. I was very proud of them. We talked about it. We're not going to be out long, but we need to work. And they pushed through it fine.

(on the intensity of Tuesday's practice)

We're building. This is practice No. 4, so we're building. We put the shoulder pads on for the first time yesterday and got the work done. So we'll continue building. Tomorrow we'll step it up even more.

(on how Chris Simms in the seven-on-seven drill helped the young receivers)

It's an advantage for the young guys when you've got depth at the quarterback position and the ball, most of the time, is where it's supposed to be. It is, however, at times a change up for them because the ball's spinning opposite. Chris is the victim of a few more drops than the rest of them.

(on how the young running backs performed while wearing pads)

They're all improving. The mental part of the game is coming along, the protection stuff, the blocks and things like that. They're running courses, and they've just got to keep running. They're at the point now where their legs are starting to fatigue a little bit. We've got to get their legs back and just continue to get them the reps.

(on if it's easier to evaluate the running backs while they're wearing pads on Wednesday night)

It's really no different. We're not going live to the ground. We're just putting full pads on for protection because we're going to increase the intensity of the period. But the true evaluation of any running back comes from the preseason games.

(on a special teams drill where the players had to catch punts with one hand)

Actually, I had them signal fair catch with the opposite hand and catch it with their dominant hand. It's just a point of emphasis to get their feet underneath the ball. Unless you get your feet underneath the football, you can't catch the ball in one hand.

(on how the cornerback position is shaping up)

They're all competing. All three of the guys are working hard. We're waiting for Tye (Hill) to come back. I think he'll be back shortly, and we'll add the fourth guy to that mix.

(on whether he's looking to add a running back)

We continue to look at all positions out there, and we'll continue to do so.

(on Vince Young tossing a ball to a fan at the end of a drill)

(Joking) That's a $7,500 fine.

(on the secondary rebounding from the struggles it had last year)

They've worked especially hard. Not that they didn't over the last couple years, but they've taken last season very seriously. They've stayed together, worked together and trained together throughout this process. They're determined to create and make right whatever went wrong last year.

(on Gerald McRath's positive attitude)

That's a difficult set of circumstances that he's dealing with, and we are, for that matter.  But you have to separate it and you have to work as if you're going to start the regular season. And we'll begin to modify it as we're getting closer. But he needs this work. This is his sophomore year, and he's finished up strong for us. And he must benefit from this work because the fifth game is going to come around before he knows it, and he'll be back in there.

(on if Gerald McRath's performance will suffer from missing four weeks)

There's no substitute for playing. That's why the preseason is especially important to him. But he'll clearly condition and watch what we're doing very, very closely. I'd assume based on the type of worker he is, I don't anticipate having any problems.

(on if he believes Brett Favre has retired)

That issue's between Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. We'll just wait and see what happens.

(on Brett Favre's legacy)

I'll comment when it really, truly becomes official.

(on Albert Haynesworth not passing his conditioning test again)

I saw Mike Golic do it.

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