Coach Fisher's Tuesday practice report




(On Jevon Kearse incident)

I can't go into detail regarding the incident. I did speak with Jevon. I can say that, clearly, the organization, the entire organization, is disappointed in the incident itself. That doesn't mean that we are going to stop doing what we are doing. We are going to continue to do what we've done. The safe ride solution that was mentioned, I think you saw or read about what we are doing there. We are going to continue with the seminars and the educational programs and life skills presentations and discussions that we have; we will continue to do that. It is an unfortunate incident. I think the facts will obviously be disclosed in due time. I can't comment on it any further. The entire organization, let's broaden the score if you will. We have to learn from it and move on.

(On Kearse not commenting on the incident)

I think you understand his position; he can't discuss it at the recommendation of his attorney. They will sort out the facts and once they have sorted out the facts, it will be disclosed.

(On Kearse's feeling of embarrassment)

Who wouldn't be embarrassed regarding the incident itself? The truth will come out and the facts will come out. Nevertheless, we are clearly disappointed that there was an incident.

(On the organizational policy for DUIs)

There is a comprehensive organizational policy and it goes beyond players. The entire organization and franchise have been educated, informed and instructed, if you will, to make better decisions.

(On what effect a veteran having this incident may have on the younger players)

Well, it is not the first veteran that we have had, unfortunately. What they (young players) will see happening here now, because the organization has had another incident, is you'll go back and list all those others and his (Kearse) name will go at the top. And the names of those guys, unfortunately, that were involved as far as ten years ago will resurface again. That is part of it and that is the world we live in. Again, the only way to eliminate that is to eliminate the incidents.

(On his emotions when he hears about these types of incidents)

I have to wait and gather the facts. I can't jump to any conclusions; that is just the nature of those situations, just to gather the facts. You find out as much as you can and hope it works its way through the legal process.

(On Kearse's off-season prior to the incident)

His off-season has been great. This is an emotional setback for him. He will get through it; he will deal with it and put it behind him. From a physical standpoint he has had a great offseason.

(On how the OTA's are going in general)

We had a really good practice today. We asked for a little heat today and we got it and will have it the rest of the week. The younger guys, who have not been in training camp here, will get a sense of what it will be like. This is an important week and we are going to finish up strong. By Friday, everything will be in. Then, obviously, we will sit down and map out what we expect from them over the next three or four weeks before they come back for camp.

(On the outstanding defensive play today)

The defense was making a lot of plays today. I think we had a couple of receivers out of position. It is good to see the defense tightening things up and giving Vince (Young) some very tight windows to throw in.

(On Wide Receiver Justin McCareins)

Justin is a pro; it's important to him. He knows this offense and this is basically his third go-round in this offense and knows what is expected and how to get open. He has had a really good off-season and it is really nice to have him back.

(On Wide Receiver Biren Ealy moving up the depth chart)

I can't say who is #1 and who is #11. I can tell you that it is a really competitive group and they are all improving.

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