Coach Fisher's Tuesday practice report




(On if they will prepare for Kansas City this week)

Staff will work ahead on Kansas City, yes. It's unlikely that we'll do anything against Kansas City, we're just going to focus on some areas of improvement. Again, as I said, we're resting players that need rest and giving the players some time off and we're going to work the younger players back into the offense and defense.

(On if the run defense giving up a lot of yards the past two weeks is a result of work needed or just facing good running teams)

When you look back to last week's game, we had two plays that got 12 yards on a third-and-10 that we'd like to have back. But eliminate two runs and they're right at three yards per carry. It was the number of carries that was the issue last week and the week before was the quality of the back so we're still doing what we need to do in run defense. You can use and manipulate the numbers however you want. We need to get better but there's not necessarily a panic time right now.

(On if the bye week is a good time for Chris Simms to get his rhythm and timing down)

Well, it's an opportunity for a lot of the younger players to get involved and do things that they don't ordinarily get a chance to do during normal preparation week.

(On if it's good that players insist that they haven't put together a complete game yet)

Yeah, I mean the message is loud and clear. We still have to improve. It's nice to be able to stress improvement during the bye week considering what our record is. They understand these games could go either way, we're just fortunate that we've hung in there and found a way to win them.

(On Kerry Collins being backed down today at practice)

Kerry probably won't do much this week.

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