Coach Fisher's Tuesday practice report




(On the players being up to speed on a short week)

I think they've done a great job. We rested and came in this morning and had extra time in the classrooms and I thought it was a good session this afternoon.

(On if he's worried about overlooking a winless team)

No, that's not a consideration at all. It's just our next opponent and we don't prepare any differently for anybody regardless of their record. This is the National Football League. They're well-coached, they're playing hard, they've had leads in the past four games and they just haven't been able to protect them. This is our next opponent and that's where our focus is.

(On having a solid record vs. NFC opponents)

Yeah, it's the focus, it's the extra time, it's familiarizing yourself with the individual matchups and then of course the scheme and such. We have a lot of time left. Even though it's a short week we still have a good session planned tomorrow, we'll have meetings tomorrow night and we'll be prepared for it.

(On getting the running game going again)

It's a combination of things. It's not that we didn't remain committed to it or didn't intend to do it but we were put in a position to pick it up and throw it. It was good for us but we have to get back, it's time. It's what everybody's talking about at this time of year. Some people can do it, some people can't so we'll see.

(On how Daunte Culpepper has performed since joining the Lions)

He's improving in the system each week. He's more familiar with what they're doing and they're expanding the package for him. He's making all the throws and you can see he's become more familiar with their receivers.

(On if they'll try to attack the Lions at tackle where they've had issues)

They do a very good job protecting him. In passing situations they keep extra people around to help protect him and buy him some more time.

(On why Calvin Johnson's yards-per-catch average is so high)

It's a combination of run-after-catch but he's made some big, big catches down the field. Culpepper found him last week against Tampa Bay. He's consistently making the big plays. He's an excellent jumper. He can come down with the big one.

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