Coach Fisher's Tuesday Practice Report




(on practice and team recovery on a short week)

Practice today was like a Wednesday after a bye week.  I mean they had a great deal of energy, flew around and they feel good.  I am very impressed with their ability to bounce back.  You don't play on bye weeks, right?  So maybe we didn't play last weekend.

(on how challenging is it to get them healthy and recovered in time for Thursday Night's game)

You know, they're back.  It's a mental thing, they have to convince themselves whatever day they choose it is during the week, it's not.  Today is two days before kickoff and we had a lot to get done, and we did.

(on if Kenny Britt is still expected to play on Thursday)

So far, yeah he got through practice without any issues.  He's good.

(on if he has seen anything that Peyton Manning is doing differently this year than in years past that might contribute to his recent struggles)

He put 30-plus points on the board and threw two touchdowns for interceptions so he's still playing well.  Reggie (Wayne) had 200 yards receiving, so he's making great throws.  He's having a deflection here or a tipped ball there and he's making a lot of plays.  He's playing with some new players and on occasion there is probably a route that is not at the right depth.  I saw him throw an in-route and the receiver ran an out-route and then you see a conversation between the two of them.  He's playing really well.

(on if Peyton Manning has been under more pressure from opposing defenses than he has been in the past)

He's doing the same thing.  He's hard to get down; he's hit on a rare occasion, but rarely with the ball in his hand.

(on if they're missing Dallas Clark's vertical threat in the passing game)

No, because they've got the other guys to go downfield with it.  I'm sure his average per completion is no different than it was.

(on if the Titans defenders think they can use Peyton Manning's recent interception struggles to end their interception slump)

We don't have a lot of interceptions against Peyton over the years.  If we're lucky it's a deflection once or twice, Keith (Bulluck) made a nice play last year in the game here.  You just have to play.  There are other ways of getting the ball back other than catching it.  You can knock them loose as well.

(on if the Titans matchup better with the Colts than they do with the Jaguars)

It's a completely different matchup.  We have to start with their passing game and then adjust to their run game.  So it's completely different than it was last week.

(on if there is a benefit to getting Peyton Manning playing outside in the weather as opposed to indoors)

He's a good inclement weather player.  He plays well in all conditions.

(on if he points out to the team that if they can win out that there is a chance to make the playoffs)

No, I really don't go there right now.  It's human nature to look at the standings and look at who plays who, but that's not something that I dwell on.  We're dwelling on this one.

(on if Kenny Britt is expected to play against the Colts)

It looks like if he gets through tomorrow, he'll be able to play.  How long?  I don't know.  He's had six weeks off, and you try to maintain the conditioning level several weeks after the injury after you start to heal.  You just can't duplicate the full speed, play after play after play.  Conditioning very well could be an issue, so we'll just have to watch it.

(on if Kenny Britt is healthy will he be a starter)

If healthy he's going to play.  I haven't decided who is going to start yet.

(on what kind of difficulties the Colts hurry-up offense is)

As far as getting things called, it's not an issue.  Subbing is an issue.  He (Peyton Manning) does a good job of catching teams in the substitution process.  Either get them really unsettled or catch them with 12 or 13 players on the field, so you have to wait until the clock stops.  That's what he's very good at.

(on if there are any special adjustments for a short week with a tired defense)

The defense looked like they came back.  We had a great practice today, so no.  I'm sure they've got a tired football team too and they've got to travel.  Those guys aren't going to be thinking about their conditioning or their fatigue and those kinds of things at kickoff.  I think we're in good shape right now.

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