Coach Fisher's Tuesday Morning Training Camp Report



(on the players emulating the crowd noise)

We're trying to cover a lot of different situations and that happens to be one of them. It should not be an issue this coming weekend because there will be fans from all over the place. When you go on the road and you're backed up on the minus-one yard line it's loud. You got to work through those things. When we do it on the practice field and get through them, it has less of an impact in the games.


(on a mistake during the drill)

That's why we do it. You learn from that thing. This wasn't as good of a rookie class as we've had in the past. Some of the other classes have had better voices.


(on what is anticipated from the crowd on Sunday vs. the Bills)

I think there will be a lot of Bills and Titans fans there and I think they'll probably cheer for big plays. That's what they typically do in those situations.


(on wearing the throwback Oilers helmets for practice)

Yeah, it's a new helmet and we need an opportunity to get use to them and break them in. We put them on this morning just to make sure they fit properly and we'll put pads on this evening and wear them throughout the week and through the ballgame.


(on the number of times the team will be wearing the Legacy Uniforms throughout the season)

This is a special opportunity this weekend to be a part of this great game, especially when you consider the impact our owner, Mr. Adams, had on the league being the 50th Anniversary. We have four games with the throwbacks. They're early in the year and this will be the first opportunity and I know the players are excited about the uniform.


(on Rob Bironas)

He does not have a hamstring and we didn't kick field goals today.


(on if Rob Bironas will practice tonight)



(on if the team will be in full pads tonight)

We're going shoulder pads and helmets.


(on the impact of Nate Washington)

He's making a lot of plays. We're doing some different things that he's been use to in the offense and he's picked them up well. He's got the route tree down. He's running all the routes. We brought him in because he can run especially fast and he made a couple big plays this morning.

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