Coach Fisher's Tuesday Evening Training Camp Report





(on having to move the practice inside because of inclement weather and it being a disappointment to the fans)

Of course it is. We were looking forward to the event outside, the practice session. You have to deal with the weather and you have to put the players and the fans safety first and foremost and that's what we did. We got in, looks like in time.

(on if anything was missed because of moving practice indoors)

No, we got everything done. We got done what we needed to get done. It kind of finishes the first phase of camp with tomorrow being a rest and recovery day. We'll pick the activity up significantly on Thursday and then back down once again. Overall, I'm pleased with where we are and what we got done. We got a lot of offense and defense in and we got one good day left of camp and then Friday we'll start our preparation for the game.

(on if there will be meetings tomorrow for the players on their day off)

Yes, we have meetings and a walk-thru tomorrow. Lifting, meetings and a walk-thru.

(on the tempers flaring possibly more for this evening's practice)

When you rest during the day and you get kind of cranked up for the night practice, it happens sometimes.

(on if any new corners are playing well after losing Chris Carr and Eric King to free agency)

We're getting a lot of plays and production out of the young guys. Even Tanard Davis is doing well. Cary Williams is sharing plays. Fortunately, as I keep saying with an extra preseason game, we'll get a chance to evaluate.

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