Coach Fisher's Thursday Training Camp Report


(on the decal the team will be wearing this year to honor Steve McNair)

We've been discussing a number of options over the last couple weeks and that's what we decided to do as an organization, allow the players to wear a no. 9 decal on their helmet. We'll wear it throughout the season and we have a couple other things we're working with as far as the family's concerned. It's great timing to open the season with the ability to pay our respects to Steve and the family.

(on the league having to approve the decal)

That's correct, yes. There was no issue as far as the league was concerned.

(on the other options discussed to honor Steve McNair)

Based on the fact that we're still discussing the options, I'm not going to go into them.

(on the amount of hitting during practice)

Yeah, it was good. They knew ahead of time that this was going to be the day to turn the week over. We got a lot done. I think the last three days we've really come together. We need to get out there and push each other around a little bit before we play the ball game. We're in good shape health wise and I think we have a pretty good understanding of what we're going to do. Now we can back down a little bit and focus on the ball game.

(on Chris Henry auditioning for a roster spot)

He's a physical runner, he is, they all are. They're all very capable of playing in this league and Chris has had a very good camp so far.

(on what the message to the players is as they approach playing in the Hall of Fame Game)

We'll talk more about it probably after we take everybody through the Hall of Fame. We'll probably discuss it Sunday at some point. They understand the significance of the game and what an honor it is to be in the game and kick off the preseason a week ahead of everybody and what this particular Hall of Fame Game means.

(on any part of the Hall of Fame being more emotional than others)

I think it's all very impressive. The area where all the busts are is probably one of the most impressive areas. There's a lot of history in there that obviously will date most of the players. Some of it dates myself, but nevertheless it's great history.

(on Vince Young's comments in Esquire)

I haven't seen them, I just heard about them. I'm sure it was something that came out months ago and was just published in this issue. I would like to hope that everybody has those type of expectations. I think everybody as kids grow up and have those type of dreams and hope they get a chance to come true. All that means to me is that he's certainly willing to work for it.

(on the if the comments were surprising)

No, I mean he's got to win a few games before that. I think most people that step in the league have those type of dreams.

(on if the starters will get more playing time in the Hall of Fame Game)

We're going to approach it like our first preseason game. We'll play everybody that's capable of playing and some of the starters will play a little bit longer because of numbers. We'll clearly be competitive throughout the game.

(on the number of series Kerry Collins will play)

We haven't discussed that with the players yet. Maybe we can share that with you tomorrow.

(on the impact Tony Brown is having since joining the team in 2005)

We saw some really good things out of Tony prior to bringing him in. We knew that the Panthers were not especially excited, it was a temporary move because problems on their roster. We took advantage of their misfortune. Tony has earned this himself, he's worked very hard.

(on Kenny Britt's status)

We'll probably take Kenny off of PUP tomorrow and work him back into practice. He will not play in the ball game, but he'll work back into practice full-time and back to full speed next week.

(on if Rob Bironas is fine kicking).

Yes, he's fine.

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