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Coach Fisher's Thursday Training Camp Report




(on how camp ended this year)

They substituted tape for various condiments from the cafeteria.  We put an end to that, we ran out of ketchup and mustard for the team last year.  Camp was good, we traditionally finish up like this, it's a good little exercise for the rookies.

(on if it was nice to get Derrick Morgan back out at practice)

Yeah, we got him involved in some pass rush stuff early, and he's fine and we expect him to be able to play a few plays this weekend.

(on LeGarrette Blount being the most popular rookie during the end of camp festivities) **

Yes, he has become a very popular teammate.

(on what type of player Blount is)

He just likes to run the football.  He likes to play, he likes to carry the ball and he likes to move the chains.  That's what he's done in his career, and thus far it looks like he has a chance to do that.

(on if his feelings going forward now that camp is over)

We've got two games in the next seven days.  If you look at it that way, we've got a lot to do and a short time to get it done.  We've discussed the potential distractions, and typically in the third preseason game, because of the fact that you are breaking camp there are things that shouldn't happen—there are false starts, there are penalties, there are things like that because of distractions.  I think the fact that we've got two (games) in seven (days) is going to help.  They have to stay focused and we still have a lot of things that we have to get accomplished.

(on how much the starters will play against Carolina)

We are going to increase the play time over last week.  Some may play up to halftime, some may not.

(on if he intends to play all four quarterbacks against Carolina)

The reps in the second half will be fewer, so it will be hard, but we are attempting to, yes.

(on if the quarterbacks will play in the same order as in the Arizona game)

Well it depends on how the drives go.

(on what he learned about this year's team during camp)

Well I learned mostly, over the last week and a half—the long week, and what we got accomplished last week and the effort Monday night and how they approached this week.  We still have a lot of work to do, but they like to play and for the most part, we've minimized a lot of mistakes that typically happen early in preseason.

(on still having guys on the PUP list)

We still have two games to play left, so I'm hoping that they are getting closer.  Now if I were to pick I'd say Tony (Brown) has probably a better chance than D.T. (David Thornton).

(on the biggest surprise of camp)

I think just the development of the entire rookie class, they've come on quick.  I referenced it after the first preseason game that there were no wide eyes.  They were out there playing, and I think that speaks to the class but also to the rest of the group—the veterans, they welcomed them; they've shown them the way.  They've been helpful because they know they're here to help us.  I think that would be the biggest thing, and then of course we have younger players who are improving and there is quite a list of younger players who are improving.

(on if they're game planning for Carolina or just a little bit of game planning)

Offensively, you have to prepare yourself protection wise so you don't get your quarterback hit.  Defensively, we have to address different personal groupings and different run schemes.

(on Carolina Head Coach John Fox saying they don't really game plan for preseason)

Well again, what John is probably referring to is the same thing I've referred to—we're going to give them a call sheet.  We're going to say 'hey we're going to do these things in these in this situations, so we're not going to call anything that's not on this call sheet, so be prepared for it.'  The call sheet is not specifically designed to attack their defense or their offense.  That is what most teams do; even Arizona admittedly was caught a little off guard from our aggressive approach early in the game.  They didn't anticipate that, and we just went down the call sheet.

(on Chris Johnson not having a long run yet in the preseason)

He hasn't had a lot of carries, a lot of touches so that is not a concern of ours.  He has the potential at anytime to go, but it is not a concern.

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