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Coach Fisher's Thursday Training Camp Report

(on if he likes the increased intensity of practice the last two days)

We had a great practice last night.  When you put pads on you expect that.  I thought we got a lot accomplished today.

(on how he feels about scuffles between teammates during training camp)

In training camp there is going to be emotions, and sometimes they slip and things happen.  You leave it on the field, you don't carry it into the locker room—it's over, it's a good locker room, a close team and they talk to each other.  You can have moments, but they put it behind them.

(on how much work the starters will get against Arizona)

As I said, we'll increase it by a few plays or maybe a series depending on the players.

(on if he is going to increase the workload for his starters going into the second preseason game)

No, we played about the first quarter last time.  Some guys did and some guys didn't, so we're going to increase the number or reps for each player.  It might be a quarter-quarter and a half; it really depends on how we're doing.  You can go in with expectations of getting this guy eight carries, and this guy eight carries and this guy four and then it just doesn't happen.  You'll have a turnover and the defense is on the field so the offense gets short, and before you know it you are out of time.  We'll do our best to increase everybody's reps.

(on experimenting with different lineups to get some second-string players in with first-stringers)

We've got to get our starters ready to play in the regular season.  We'll do the best we can to try and create situations where the other guys can be productive.

(on if Monday's home opener is important to building a home-field advantage)

We're playing to win the game; it's going to be a great environment in the preseason because of the Monday Night show.  You'd like to win at home, but I think everybody understands that our starters could score 14 points and not give up any, and then the backups come in and give up 17 and you lose.  We all understand what preseason is about, and it would be nice to win both the home preseason games.

(on if they are going to try and get the team to LP Field before Monday's game)

We've got a walk-through scheduled there on Sunday night. 

(on if he's talked to LeGarrette Blount about his altercation last night)

I discussed LeGarrette last night; I don't need to discuss it anymore.  I don't have any issues with what happened, nor did I, nor will I.

(on if he was happy with the offense's performance in the first preseason game)

We stalled on the next drive so it remains to be seen.  We're getting better, and this is the meat of training camp this week.  I have been seeing a lot of improvement, and the young guys are coming on and we just hope that it carries over.

(on whether he thinks the team is getting tired of looking at each other, thus causing the altercations)

No, not at all.  They get up and prepare mentally and physically for each time we practice.

(on if he has made it to LP Field since the flood)

Yeah, I was there.

(on if he was happy with the repairs at LP Field)

We were really fortunate; we had water there for less than 24 hours.  It was just a minimal amount of damage to the locker room and carpets, that's it—we were very fortunate.  When I went there in the afternoon to check on it after the power went out, the water was up to almost the front row of seats.  Then the next morning we could have had 7-on-7, people worked tirelessly to keep it under control so we were very fortunate.

(on how the rookie safeties, Myron Rolle and Robert Johnson, are doing)

They are both improving.  I expect them to play better this week than they did last week, but they both looked comfortable on the field last week.

(on if Rolle and Johnson should be making more flashes in practice)

Look at the safety position in comparison to the others.  They are making plays in run support and they are getting in the right place, so when they are getting opportunities they have been.  For whatever reason, the safeties don't have a lot of interceptions in camp.  It's not a criticism of the safeties, it's probably more of a compliment to the quarterbacks.

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