Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report





(on Vince Young getting a little work today)

Yes, he did. He participated in limited practice today which is encouraging. It was better than yesterday.

(on if Vince Young's leg was better today)

Yeah, it was better today. It enabled him to practice a little bit. He's still not full speed, but he was able to practice today.

(on future plans with Vince Young)

We'll probably take it one day at a time and see how he does tomorrow. It's encouraging that we got him back on the field today.

(on if Vince Young is the starter for Sunday)

We split reps today and we'll probably do that again tomorrow.

(on how Vince Young moved around)

I thought he moved around pretty well.

(on if he will be rooting for the Colts)

Who are they playing? We played them a couple of weeks ago, so our focus is on the Dolphins. I know they're playing this weekend. Are they playing somebody of significance? I don't get DirecTV at home.

(on if it's unusual that the Dolphins leading tacklers are safeties)

I think they do a nice job of forcing the ball to go different places. Often times they force the running back to go to an unblocked defender and most of the time that's a safety. That's not unusual and they're very active downfield.

(on downfield blocking by the offense)


They've really done a nice job all year, specifically the last four or five weeks. Nate (Washington), Kenny (Britt), those are the guys downfield doing the work. They've thrown a number of key blocks, even if they're just kind of shielding off a defender and getting in his way, getting in his face. It allows C.J. to setup his moves. They've been very instrumental. You'll see, a lot of the big plays downfield, you'll see linemen down the field as well chasing and having an impact.

(on if the Dolphins time of possession is a concern)

Up until this point, yeah. They do such a great job on third downs. Their third down efficiency offensively and defensively is tops in the league. They're keeping the football and they're not turning it over. (Chad) Henne's doing a nice job of protecting it. If they are, which is rare, in third and long situations, they'll hand it off or throw it away. They do a nice job of managing the game.

(on Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry passing away)

Well, I don't have many details. My understanding is that the Bengals, Marvin (Lewis), the comments will be here at some point. I know it's hard on that organization. It's hard on the National Football League any time you lose one of yours. My understanding is Chris really got things straightened up and was playing well and of course was placed on injured reserve. It was a very tragic situation.

(on Ricky Williams' remarkable turnaround)

Yeah, he is. He came on strong last year. You can't help but pull for a guy like Ricky that's had some tough times and came back and got a second and third chance. Now he's a back I think everybody thought he would be. I hope he's just an average back this week. It's fun to watch him play and fun to watch their offense built around somebody with that kind of talent.

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