Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report





(on Chris Johnson being named the offensive player of the month)

I think his accomplishments speak for itself. Those type of awards are team oriented. He wouldn't have been able to do any of those things without his teammates. It's nice to have him recognized like that.

(on Chris Johnson pushing himself to try and accomplish more)

Well, I think he's setting his sights high. I know first and foremost he wants to try to win this ballgame, that's the most important. Anything else that comes off of that is good.

(on this being the first trip to Indianapolis in the last three years that neither team will be sitting starters)


We've played them at home where it's been meaningful. We fully expect this to be a tough ballgame. It's going to be a tremendous challenge for us.

(on the environment of Lucas Oil Stadium compared to the RCA Dome)

It's still a very, very noisy venue. They've got a terrific crowd and they're into the game. They know when to make noise and when not to.

(on the shadows on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium)

The shadows are primarily a result of an open roof. It's unlikely that the roof will be open.

(on if he's tried to get a scouting report on the light coming through one end of the stadium)

No, we'll address that when we get there. To make a big deal over that becomes a big deal. It's just like crowd noise, same thing.

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