Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report





(on coaching Mark Jones on punt returns after practice)

You just referred to me as coach and that is what I was doing, I was coaching.

(on how often he coaches players one-on-one)

Well, not often. But a lot of it takes place inside too. When you have a question, you want to give an answer.

(on if Mark Jones is picking up where he left off during training camp)

Yeah, he's not having any problems with it. He's doing well.

(on what Mark Jones' question was)

Just some specifics about the catch, that's all, catching the punt. How to catch it behind his back.

(on the weather being hotter in Jacksonville during the game on Sunday)

It's something that we're not use to, but for us we got a little heat today. Usually is the case when we go down there early it's going to be warm. Hydrating and proper diet starting today through the weekend is going to be very important.

(on some players saying yesterday that the defense needs to develop a nastiness)

The nature of defense is aggressiveness, that's it. You keep pressure on, you do those things, you don't play tentative. I think what as a team we're doing, offense has to take care of their business, defense has to take care of theirs. Of course, special teams has to improve considerably. But as you go through the season you're going to have games where the defense is struggling. Therefore, the offense has to pick up and find a way to win a game for you, and vice versa. I think everybody's just trying to do a little more of their part right now.

(on if the atmosphere on the road has an impact on the game whether it's 40,000 fans or sold out)

Well, it should not for the visiting team. Jack's (Del Rio) a good coach and he deals with those kinds of things. I don't think it's going to have an effect. You need to prepare the club that it may not be sold out and it may not necessarily be as loud as you'd expect. You're approach on the road is you've got to generate your own energy anyway. I mean, you go in there and it's us against everybody in the building and you have to deal with different things. This may be a little different, but I don't see it being an issue for us.

(on how the Jaguars' young offensive tackles are playing)

They understand what they're dealing with and they're going about it the right way. These guys are getting better every week just through experience. The ball comes out quick or you chip and help them, you do different things. Both of them are doing well. The right tackle was injured and we don't know his status. The left one is a pretty good player.

(on if struggling in a different area each game has made it difficult to correct)


No, we went through the list and I don't think there's anything else that can happen now. So, we're going to try to win it.

(on if Ryan Mouton will be playing nickel back)

We're working different things on defense.

(on if there is a specific skill set that applies to playing nickel back)

It actually is a starting position because there's so many different things that you expect from them. He's got run support, he's got zone responsibilities, man responsibilities, blitz responsibilities. And then of course he's got to cover, typically, one of the better receivers on the other offense and they usually put in the slot. So, there's a lot to do there.

(on if LenDale White needs to get more touches)

What we need is more time of possession so we can get many of the offensive players more touches. We need to get the ball to Kenny (Britt), we need to get the ball to Bo (Scaife), we need to get the ball to both backs more. So, it's a team thing. You hang on to the football, get off the field on third down, stop the run, and make plays on offense and everybody gets their catches.

(on if Kenny Britt is pushing Justin Gage and Nate Washington for the number one or two receiver position)

No, it's just good to have Kenny right now because he's doing well and he's making plays. He knows where to get to and he's explosive. When you pull your receivers, it's wishful thinking that your two starters will play the whole game, but they don't. They get tired, especially when you're dealing with the heat like we will potentially on Sunday. Kenny should get more opportunities.

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