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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report


(on the Jets' ability to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks)


You know, I haven't done a league wide study, but I would venture to say they are probably first in the league in hits on quarterbacks. With that being said, you have to get rid of the football. In their case, sacks aren't a very good judge of their pass rush. The balls coming out and they hit the quarterback and are forcing throws, forcing incompletes. They do a good job with it.

(on mixing up Leon Washington and Thomas Jones in the offense)

They utilize both backs, and they are both very talented.

(on the Jets blitzing players from all over the field)

They send guys from the pizza shop, that's how they are. He brings guys from all over the place.

(on Chris Johnson probably not having the chance to line up wide uncovered)

There is very little chance of that. Over the course of the year that would really only happen once.

(on Leon Washington and Thomas Jones being interchangeable)

They are both real solid backs. They're shifty, they're very explosive. Jones is more of a first and second down back and [Leon Washington] is the guy that can really create the mismatches on the longer down-and-distance situations.

(on the differences between the Jets offense this season and last season)

There's a significance difference. Last year, they asked Brett (Favre) to win the games for them. Brett was throwing the ball all over the yard, changing things on the line of scrimmage. They just were, I don't want to say more sophisticated, but they were multiple. And this year they're very deliberate, very specific, they execute very well. Mark (Sanchez) has a number of things he does very well on the line of scrimmage, he's a very accurate passer, he's mobile and can throw on the run, and stays alive in the pocket. The offenses are different, but that doesn't mean to say they're not going to be efficient. They're 2-0 and they've played two pretty good defensive teams.

(on a rookie quarterbacks coming into the league and playing right away and the success of Atlanta and Baltimore last year)

It's a credit to the players around them and the coaching staff, and what they ask him to do. Atlanta did a great job with the running game with play-action passes, they have very, very talented receivers. Baltimore with (Joe) Flacco, basically the same thing, he's got good players around him and they run the football. That's exactly what the Jets are doing.

(on Jets defensive back Darrelle Revis)

He'll play both sides equally and they'll match him up. At times he'll be by himself and at times he'll have help over the top. They do a good job. He's really good at the ball. He's a guy that can run well. He's a big corner. He's a leaper. He's got good hand-eye coordination. When the ball's up, he'll usually get his hands on it.

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