Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report


(on if the extra preseason game affects how much the starters will be playing)

It's not necessarily the extra game, it more relates to the fact that we're going to play Thursday and then Thursday. We don't have the extra days between the final preseason game. From a playing standpoint, we're going to play everybody quite a bit this week.

(on if there has been more scout team work and planning)

No, it's the same. We've done the same amount of practice sessions for an opponent that we've done the last couple of weeks.

(on who will be getting the looks at the third receiver position)

Kenny will step up and go. We're going to look at all of them. We've got a number of guys that are going to go in there and do some things. Hawk's (Lavelle Hawkins) been doing it, (Dominique) Edison's been doing it, Paul Williams can do it, so we'll look at everybody.

(on how much he's seen of Dominique Edison)

We've seen quite a bit but we need to see more, really no different than most of the other young guys.

(on how important the next couple of weeks are for the receivers)

The next couple of weeks are important. We can't keep 10 receivers. We're going to have to make some decisions so the next couple of weeks are important.

(on how crucial it is for Mark Jones to be back practicing)

He's got two games where he's going to get the opportunity to return and play offense.


(on if Mark Jones can make the roster solely on his kick return ability)

I'm not going to go into specifics of people making the roster, not making the roster. We brought him here with the intention because he can return and play receiver.

(on this being Jacob Ford's first game back from injury)

Jake will play. He'll play whatever the normal reps are for a defensive lineman.

(on going back to Cleveland for the second time in three weeks)

I hope they made our beds, we're staying in the same room at the same hotel. We're looking forward to going up there and playing. They're a good football team and we'll probably get their starters for quite a bit.

(on if there has ever been an experience where you've stayed at the same hotel in this short amount of time)

Not that I know of, no. I didn't really think it was newsworthy. No, I can't remember.


(on how long the starters will play)

We're going to play everyone a little bit more than we did last week. Again, it depends on the flow of the game, it depends on the numbers. Last week we had to bring the offense back because we only had a few snaps the first half. It really depends on how the game goes.

(on Sen'Derrick Marks being in a walking boot)

Yes, he's in a boot today.

(on what Sen'Derrick Marks' injury is)

I haven't ruled him out for the game.


(on if Mark Jones can make the roster just returning kicks)

He does both. In the perfect world you'd get a guy like Chris Carr last year where he played corner and helped when we needed it, but he also did the punts and the kickoff returns.

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