Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report



(On what he tells the players before leaving for the bye week)**

Well, it's all about appreciating where we are because we've worked hard through the offseason program and through camp and through the first start of the season. A lot of good things have happened. We're by no means where we should be as a football team but in the meantime the bye is designed to get better, take care of yourself, rest up, make good decisions while you're gone and come back ready to win the next ball game. In the back of your mind the most important thing should be win number six. They're deserving of the opportunity and I'm sure they'll make the most of it.

(On if he'd be surprised to get a late-night phone call during the bye because of the veteran leadership on the team)

I'm not anticipating any problems over the weekend.

(On if he stresses to the players to make good decisions)

Good decisions are not only stressed on the bye week, they're stressed year round.

(On if he heard about Pacman Jones getting into trouble again)

Yeah I did and that doesn't affect us. We've moved on and that's their issue.

(On the Pacman Jones issue affecting their draft picks)

It doesn't affect this football team right now.

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