Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report




(On Derrick Mason)

Derrick's very explosive, he has great quickness and change of direction. He's a good target and a trustworthy target for the young quarterback. He looks to give him the football. We don't matchup but both Nick [Harper] and Cortland [Finnegan] will be involved in that huge task along with Vinny Fuller. They move him around and he's their go-to guy on third-down as well.

(On if he looks forward to the defensive matchup this week)

Their defense is playing very well and it's a challenge for our offense. I would think that they probably say the same thing about our defense but we're just four weeks into it. There's a lot of good defenses. We faced a very good defense last week. They're not rated [high] statistically but what they do and how they do it makes other teams, as well as the Ravens, good defenses. [Baltimore] is starting to show signs of those defenses from the late 90's and 2000, 2001 when they made their run.

(On the attitude of the locker room)

I think everybody understands that you're only as good as your next game. We set a goal to have success in the first quarter of the season. We did. Now we have to move on to the second quarter so we really can start over. This is a very, very important game for us. We have the luxury, not looking ahead per se, but we have the luxury of having an opportunity to heal up next week and to fine tune and improve. This is a very important game against a very good team.

(On if heading into the bye week after the Ravens game is good or bad)

It's important because it's the next one and that's kind of the way we look at it.

(On what Le'Ron McClain showed them last Monday night)

He's going to get what they block for him and just a little bit more. He runs with authority and strength and power. They do a great job of avoiding negative plays on early downs. So as a result, they have a lot of third-and-shorts which are very high-percentage conversion downs and he's a big part of that. You just don't knock him down for a loss and he's going to get positive yardage.

(On pressuring Joe Flacco)

He understands pressure, he understands where it's coming from and he gets rid of it. They do a good job in pressure situations of giving him an outlet. It's not a matter of how teams have approached him, it's what they do with him and how they protect him that makes him efficient and effective, at least to this point.

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