Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report




(On the team embracing a blue collar mentality)

Well, they come to work and know that if you prepare correctly and you work hard on the practice field, there's a carryover in the ball game. That's just the attitude they've had all year dating way back to the offseason.

(On the improvement of Matt Jones this year)

Yeah, he's having a real good year. It looks like he's got fewer drops, he had some issues last year with a few drops. He's getting open a lot of times in the shallow crossing routes and he's making some big plays down the field. He's a big target and I think it takes time to get used to a big target and David [Garrard] is used to it now so he's putting it where he can catch it.

(On the Jaguars working Jerry Porter back into the offense)

Yeah, he's working back in. He's not playing as much right now as I think they would have liked but he's working his way back in.

(On how much different the Jaguars are without Mike Peterson)

They have tremendous depth. From a personnel standpoint they're as good as anybody in the league right now. They did a great job putting the team together and using free agency and drafting. They could very well be an 8-1 team right now, they're just a few plays away from winning those games. They're the real deal. The record is a little misleading but they're a very, very solid team.

(On having been able to play the same five starting offensive linemen all year)

Well, I think it's obvious. You have stability there, you have continuity there and they're used to working with each other. But we also have some very solid backups that I feel could come in and play for us without a problem.

(On if he thinks Jack Del Rio was using a motivational tool for his team when he said the game was moved to later on Sunday so the whole nation could see the Titans go 10-0)

You know, I really can't say. I was not aware of that and didn't see anything along those lines. I just know that they've got a very, very good football team. We, in a lot of ways, are the underdogs here. We've struggled down there, they're a physical team, they run it. Again, they're very, very close to being 8-1. They could very well have an undefeated record right now if they'd made a few plays here or there.

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