Coach Fisher's Thursday practice report




(On Jamal Lewis)

He's still quite impressive to say the least. He's an emotional runner, very physical runner, north and south. He's a punishing runner. Their philosophy is to wear down defenses with his style of running. There's been no drop-off with his skill level.

(On being an emotional runner)

Yeah, he's an emotional runner. He's enthusiastic. He is kind of like the old Jerome Bettis where he'll get up after a big play, jump up. Yeah, he's fun to watch. Not fun to play against, but fun to watch.

(On if success in the run game is contagious and will carryover from last week)

Well, I mean we hope it is. It's important that we run the ball throughout the rest of the month. We'll be working hard on it but every week's a challenge. We have a different matchup this week, a very stout, very heavy, strong defense that anchors in well and they're hard to move. You have to call run plays so hopefully we'll have some success.

(On how picking up significant yardage on first down affects how the plays in the series are called)

Well, I mean you eliminate the third-and-longs which are very difficult to convert. So if you can pick up some yards on first down than you have a better chance to continue your drive.

(On if playing against Ken Dorsey back in 2005 helps at all with preparation for facing him this week)

Well, yeah the staff's gone back and looked at him. He's a smart football player and he's an accurate passer and he's going to understand their offense well enough to give them a chance to win the ball game. There's a difference between a guy that's been in the league and played and had starts and a guy that maybe has only a couple starts and comes in trying to find his way. He clearly knows what he's doing.

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