Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on if the players have given him any gifts yet)

No presents yet, no.  Every once in a while there will be an apple appear on my desk, I don't want to embarrass who the likely culprit is.

(on how the team deals with poor field conditions like the potential frozen turf of Arrowhead Stadium)

Well, you know we went in three or four years ago and we went in and won in (Kansas City) and it never really thawed out, it was slick.  You've got to adjust, you have to make sure you have the right footing and then if the footing is impossible then you have to make sure you don't slip.  Anytime you go in there at this time of year you've got to anticipate that it's going to be cold, frozen, loud, noisy and it's just a great place to play.

(on if the poor field conditions favor the offense or the defense)

Clearly if the footing is an issue, the offense has the advantage—particularly because it slows the pass rush down and the offensive guys know where they're going. 

(on if there is a single game that stands out in his career as a player or coach that was the coldest)

The New England playoff game was certainly an issue.  I had a couple in Chicago that you would think were cold.

(on if Mike Otto has had to learn anything different from a technique standpoint playing tight end instead of offensive tackle)

No, the tight end position in the run game is really just an extension of the offensive line.  So Mike really can utilize the same techniques he's been using as a tackle—footwork, hand placement, eye targeting, all of that is really pretty much the same.

(on if Mike Otto has lobbied to get a few balls thrown his way now that he is spending some time at tight end)

He has not yet, no.

(on if Tamba Hali plays primarily on one side or if he flips back and forth)

He's pretty much on one side, but they'll move him around.  They do a good job trying to create matchups, but he's more comfortable on that right side.

(on how their pregame schedule and travel schedule have been affected by Christmas)

Just some minor schedule changes.  Ordinarily Saturday players will come in the building and start meetings around 8:00.  We're just going to push things back a few hours so they can spend time with their families in the morning.

(on if the coaches get their schedule pushed back on Saturday too)

Yeah, coaches included.  Everybody in the organization will be able to spend a couple of hours in the morning.

(on if the Chiefs ever use running backs Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones at the same time)

There are times, rare times, where they will both be on the field.  They use the little speedster out there at times to create a lot of problems for you.  They're going to rotate them, when they get tired they come in.  Different series', different packages, it's hard to predict.

(on if the Chiefs running backs Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones complement each other well)

Yeah, they're both North-South runners.  You have great quickness in (Jamaal) Charles and then you've got the explosiveness in 20 (Thomas Jones).  Again, they could quite likely be the best tandem going right now.

(on how much Kerry Collins has been limited due to injuries on his throwing hand)

Well he's had to adjust.  He does that during the week with the middle finger, with the torn tendon or whatever it is, he has to adjust.  He's experienced enough to know that he can adjust the grip or adjust the release so he can throw with accuracy.

(on if he's finished all of his Christmas shopping yet)

No, I don't think there has been a lot of shopping that has been done here by the staff considering the malls open at 8:00 or 9:00 and they close at 10:00, and we're here well before that and well after that.

(on if he's a big gift card giver because of the convenience factor of buying gifts on a tight schedule)

No, I'll just request some help, that's all.

(on if they are worried about stopping Dwayne Bowe from a defensive standpoint)

He's leading the league in touchdown catches, so yeah that would be a concern.  He's certainly taking advantage of their run game.  He's their go-to-guy on third down and he's their big-play guy down the field.  He's a good player, and Chris (Chambers) still has talent too.  I mean Chambers can still get open and catch it and make big plays.

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