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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on if he is concerned about potential chemistry issues with Fernando Velasco replacing Eugene Amano as a starter on the offensive line)

No, that's not going to be an issue.  He's played both of the positions in different ballgames for us, so that's not going to be an issue.  He really is the ideal swing backup because he can play both of the positions and play either side at guard.

(on what Fernando Velasco does well as an offensive lineman)

He's very smart.  He can make all of the calls, all the adjustments, all the checks and he's proficient in the protection.  He's got a low center of gravity and he's strong.  He's a good football player.

(on if he thinks that David Thornton will play this year)

There is always a chance.  You know, there is always a chance.  He's getting better; he's getting better each week.  We just have to make decisions as we get closer to the game.

(on the risks of focusing on stopping Arian Foster when they have Matt Schaub at quarterback)

I think our offense has to help us with that.  Our offense can help to make them one dimensional.  If it's a close ballgame throughout then we have to play both aspects of their offense, as they will ours.

(on how much it hurts the Texans to lose Mario Williams for the rest of the year)

Well they've got a lot of good backups, better than adequate backups.  They're very aggressive, they're doing a lot more pressure as of late.  They've got a good front seven.  That's particularly what we came away from the first game was the strength and athletic ability of their front seven.

(on if it looks like Mario Williams may have been dealing with the injury for a while)

We didn't see evidence of that, no.

(on if holding Andre Johnson to nine catches for 57 yards again would be a successful effort against him)

I think it was his first touchdown in nine games against Cortland (Finnegan).  We don't want to give up plays, but given the alternative we'd much rather have nine for 57 than six for 257.  He's capable of doing that.

(on Owen Daniels creating more potential problems for the Titans defense)

It's a problem.  He's a very, very good tight end, a Pro Bowl tight end and it just gives them more explosive power.  It increases the potential for big plays in their offense.

(on if they want to practice outside tomorrow)

Hopefully we can.  Footing wasn't (good), it was frozen yesterday, it wasn't good today, so we hope to be outside tomorrow.

(on if he monitors the field conditions at LP Field)

No, I'm sure it's in good shape.  They've got it covered and it's dry—it'll be fine.

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