Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on what Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard is doing well right now)

He's using his legs.  He ran and made a lot of plays off schedule the last couple of weeks, especially against the Giants.  He's staying alive and throwing with a great deal of accuracy.  It looks like the receivers are helping him, and Marcedes (Lewis) is still playing well.  Of course they've got the run game going, and anytime you run it like they can, you can make plays with the ball in the air.

(on the Jaguars team success being linked to David Garrard's personal success)

They're a run first team, in several games before we played them and one since when they got behind, it's hard.  They're keeping games close now; they're actually jumping out with leads because they've been able to carry balance.  He's had some great games and he's made a lot of big plays, both through the air and with his legs.

(on if the Houston game was a humbling experience for Chris Johnson)

No, he understands this league and he understands the set of circumstances going into it.  He understands why it happened, and he'll bounce right back and has had a good week of practice thus far.

(on the health of Kerry Collins)

He was a little better today.  He took all the reps and he's moving around a little better, so we're very encouraged.

(on Kenny Britt's injury status)

He did more today, but he still did most of it with the scout team.

(on if it will be a challenge to get Kenny Britt and Randy Moss the ball if Britt is healthy enough to play)

You know, I'm more concerned about him being 100 percent right now.  If he is at kickoff, then he'll get a chance to play a little bit, but we're going to be wise about this because I don't want any setbacks.

(on the health of the injured defensive linemen)

We got some guys back today.  We got JJ (Jason Jones) back a little bit and Tony (Brown) practiced today, and (Jason) Babin is still a little behind, but I think he'll be better tomorrow.

(on if he is surprised by Jacksonville's poor turnover margin this year)

Well, everybody is going to go through those things.  They've made some plays, they're getting some turnovers.  They certainly made an interception at the end of the Cleveland game to win; they made a number of plays in the Dallas game.  Turnovers are obviously going to affect the outcome of a ballgame.  If you're going to give them up and not get them back, it's hard to win.

(on what is different between this year's losing streak and last year's losing streak)

Well we have a number of guys that weren't here last year, number one.  Number two, we feel like we've been in games and just haven't been able to close them out and make a play that we need to make to win it.  Our emphasis right here is everybody has to step up, do a little bit extra and make the plays.  Just make plays from start to finish.

(on if preparation is different for a cold-weather game as opposed to warm-weather game)

No, we'll probably go outside tomorrow too.  It doesn't, the guys know what's ahead and we play in all different elements.  It's a mental issue and we've got to make sure they take care of themselves and probably the most important thing in games where the temperature starts to drop is hydration.  Because you have a tendency not to hydrate because it's cool and that's where you get your problems.

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