Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on how Vince Young's doing from a mobility standpoint)

He's moving fine.  He's not having any problems.  He's not on the injury report and he practiced yesterday and he also practiced today.

(on if he likes to make practices harder or challenge his players more after losing a couple games)

No, what you do is you correct mistakes, you find out why they happened, you put the game in perspective and move on.  You get into the next game plan.  As it's been the case with this team, when you play unfamiliar opponents you have to spend a lot of time getting to know them.  That would include a lot of extra time inside.

(on if studying the game film from the Redskins loss to the Eagles is difficult because Michael Vick is such a unique player)

As a rule, we're going to look at a lot of different games.  You just don't focus in on one; you'd like to look at teams that are similar to that of your own, from an offensive standpoint or a defensive standpoint.

(on how much it would help the Titans passing game if Carlos Rodgers can't play for the Redskins)

Based on study, they've got depth in their secondary.  They've got one of the best safeties in the league and they've got depth at corner.  They're very athletic and they do a lot of different things.  It's not going to be hard for them to get help, at times, to a backup if he needs it.

(on what he does to be so successful against the NFC)

I told you before the Philly game, if you guys find out, I don't know what it is.  It's just we're (trying to) winning the next game.

(on if the success against the NFC can be attributed to scouting or extra preparation)

I'm not playing; it's getting your football team ready and putting them in a position where they've got to make plays—then trying to outscore them.

(on if there is something to the saying 'catching them at the right time' or if that's overblown)

I would say we probably caught the Eagles at the right time, without (Michael) Vick and without DeSean Jackson.  Other than that, no.  This is a healthy team, it's a very well coached team and it's a team that's probably a little frustrated after what happened on Monday, but we're a little frustrated after what happened Sunday.

(on if he's starting to notice chemistry between Vince Young and Randy Moss)

I think each day things are going to get better.  Again, you can do things on the practice field, but you've got to carry them over to the game.

(on if he wants to share his emergency plan at quarterback right now having only two healthy quarterback on the roster)

No, Kerry Collins will be our third quarterback.

(on if Kerry Collins can't dress on Sunday if he'd designate a third quarterback)

No, you just deactivate.  Basically what you do is you deactivate eight players instead of seven.

(on if he'd prefer to not face a team that was blown out the week before)

You know, at kickoff at noon here, that team is not going to be thinking about what happened Monday and nor is our team.  We're going to be focused on each other.

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