Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report


(on if it was good to get Vince Young back out on the practice field today)

Yeah, it was good.  He's participated in the walkthrough both days, but it was good to get him out there—moving around and getting involved in the game plan.  We'll see how he is tomorrow.

(on if Vince Young seems to be doing better than he was before the San Diego game)

He's getting close, yeah.  He's getting close.

(on if Tony Brown is close to returning for the Miami game)

He definitely benefited from backing down, but we changed his routine.  We added a lot of functional things over the last couple of weeks.  He was working with Coach Watterson, he's much better.

(on if a quarterback needs to put in additional work with a newly acquired wide receiver)

Practice is enough.  Randy (Moss) understands what we're doing and where he needs to get to.  Of course there will be some minor adjustments on the deep ball, but you have to work those in practice.

(on if there is a temptation for a quarterback to force the ball to Randy Moss because of his ability to go get the ball)

No, we're going to put the ball up.  The ball is going to go where the progression tells you to go, and if you get one-on-one opportunities then you might as well take advantage of them.

(on if he has talked to any friends or family in the military today with it being Veterans Day)

Yeah, we're going to get to it.  I'm going to make a couple phone calls.  I have a nephew in the Marines, like most of us have someone that we're close to.

(on the overall feeling of the team as they start the second half of the season)

They clearly came back rested, enthusiastic and ready to go.  Our key is just to remain focused, that can be the issue after a bye week.  Tempo is off, timing is off, rhythm is off, typically you look around the league and penalties start to creep up a little bit.  You just have to remain focused or refocus, actually, when you come back.

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