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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on how difficult it is to keep the team focused when they're winning)

I disagree, I think regardless of the previous week you have to stay focused—regardless of the outcome.  That's the only way that gives you a chance to win the next week.  We've experienced consecutive wins before and stayed focused; we've experienced consecutive losses before, unfortunately, and stayed focused.  That's the key, you have to be able to put the previous week completely behind you and move forward and there is no better challenge than this team to keep you very focused.

(on what it means to get a win going into the bye week)

You know, that's something that you talk about if that happens as you go into the bye week.  This is about just figuring out a way to win regardless of what's going on the next day. 

(on if Justin Gage is returning to a different situation at wide receiver from a competition standpoint)

Not necessarily, we've been saying all along from the beginning of camp that we have a solid group of receivers and we can play any one of them, and that's going to be the case.  We'll get five up, and we'll have to make a decision this week, unfortunately, but we'll have five guys up and they're all going to play.

(on why he thinks he has struggled against San Diego)

No, they've had a real good team as of late and we lost a real close game here in overtime.  It's just another game against a really good team.

(on if it would mean anything to him to be able to check them off his list of teams he's beaten)

It would give us our sixth win.

(on if traveling to the west coast gets overblown from a difficulty standpoint)

Yeah, one of our players said earlier in the week that the games are either played at 1:00 eastern or 4:00 eastern, period.  So it doesn't matter where you're coming from or where you're going, that's what time your games are played.  You think about it, if you've got a west coast team coming here playing a noon game, that's a little different for them.  As opposed a central time zone team going out there and playing a 1:00 game.  It's not a big deal.

(on how Vince Young looked out there today)

He practiced the entire practice and threw the ball well.

(on what the team's attitude is like now that they're being considered by national media as a top-five team)

Well hopefully they're not paying attention to that.  What they're doing is they're just focused right now, and they know that we've been fortunate to be on the winning end of some games against some very good teams.  That doesn't mean there is carry over.  You have to start over every week and you have to go in and play the best you can.

(on if he's surprised at how fast Vince Young has been able to recover)

He's improved each day.  Typically immediately after the injury the process takes longer to get to the point to where you can move around.  Once you're comfortable moving around, obviously, as you've seen he's improved.

(on if Vince Young is still a game-time decision)


(on if there is any new information or news regarding Kenny Britt's situation)

No, not at this point.  Hopefully I'll be able to wrap up everything tomorrow. 

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