Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on if it's nice to finally be preparing to play a division game)

Yeah, it's a little unusual in that we've played five and not played in the division and play one then we don't play in the division for another month or so.  It's nice with the players familiarity and respect and the players are really into the game plan.

(on the recent trend of win-loss-win-loss-win)

The only thing that is in the faintest part of our minds right now is that we won the last game and now we're going to try and win the next one.  You can't keep bringing up what happened all year.  What you do is you get better, you move forward and you get ready to play the next ballgame.

(on what has enabled Vince Young to complete more passes to the wide receivers this year)

We've talked about the group as a whole; I think it's a much improved group outside.  They're getting open, they're making plays and Vince puts the ball up in the air where they've got to make the plays.  I think it's probably mostly the fact that they've improved outside, but Vince is putting the ball where his reads are taking him too.  We've got a lot of single-high and a lot post defenses, so the ball typically goes outside now.

(on what kind of an opportunity is being presented this week with the yards Jacksonville has given up through the air so far this year)

I think you have to be real careful when you look at that.  They've played I think three teams that are in the top five in total offense and passing offense, so none of those things mean anything.  Coaches look at tape and you try to design things that will give you the opportunity to make plays.  They had a game much like our game against Pittsburgh in that they turned it over a bunch of times.  We have to carry balance in this game and we have great respect for the other side of their ball.  They are very good at keeping the ball away from them.

(on Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard and tight end Marcedes Lewis)

Well he's catching a touchdown pass every three times he catches the ball, basically.  He's off to a great start, I think more so than that he's blocking extremely well.  He's developed into a very productive tight end.  The quarterback, David is playing good.  He's playing good the last couple of weeks.  He's protecting the football, they're handed it off and he's using play-action passing to their advantage.

(on what makes Maurice Jones-Drew a special running back)

It's his lower body strength and he's very, very explosive.  He's got great vision and it's hard—he's short in stature and very powerful and it's hard to get underneath his pads.  He just bounces off and makes you miss, it's just hard to get ahold of anything.  He's a very, very talented running back.

(on Jacksonville's kick returning game)

They've always had good returners.  They've got a great kicking game again.  They've got two of the top special teamers in the AFC as cover guys and blockers.  They have a terrific kicker and they're very talented—we're going to have our hands full.

(on what has made the Titans so successful on the road recently)

It's always been a business trip for us.  You leave your distractions at home, you don't bring them with you, and it's just been the philosophy that this organization has had.  We're going to go out there with the intention that everybody that gets on the airplane is working towards winning the football game.

(on bringing Jamie Winborn back)

We had our hope that things would work out, it was a very difficult decision for us to make last week as I mentioned.  We're just glad to get him back.

(on why Dave Ball, Jason Babin and Tony Brown are thriving here after struggling elsewhere)

They fit in our system.  I'll go back, Carolina had number issues and they did not want to put Tony out there, it just happened at the right time.  We had a problem with one of our players who was going to be suspended and we took advantage of it—and Tony took advantage of the opportunity.  Jason and Dave just fit in our system.  Tthey are tremendously talented players that like playing the way we play and are taking advantage of it.

(on if Babin and Ball's success is attributed to Coach Washburn or other factors)

I think it's the system and of course Wash is terrific in coaching the system.  Our ends play outside, they play wide, we don't move them around a lot and we just ask them to play hard and both of these guys are capable of that.

(on if the success of the defensive line has been a surprise)

Well no, we expected to see improvement.  We saw improvement through the offseason, but again you're only as good as your next game.  You have to continue to get pressure.  This group is going to be a big challenge for us because they max protect, they get rid of the ball, they have a mobile quarterback and a dangerous back out of the backfield in the screen and draw game.

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