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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on how Dallas' offensive playmakers compare to those of their first four opponents this season)

They've got tremendous depth in the backfield, the tight ends are very productive, and (Jason) Witten is a Pro Bowler.  Their receivers are very, very talented—all the way through the group.  As far as comparing to some of the other groups, I'd say top to bottom this is probably going to be our biggest challenge.

(on if Jason Witten is still an elite tight end despite a statistical decline)

He's not lost a step or anything.  His numbers are down, but someone else's numbers went up because they're paying particular attention to what he's doing inside the 20-yard line.

(on Dez Bryant)

He's very, very explosive and he's got great hands and he's explosive as a returner.  He had one punt return against the Bears; he's just a difference maker out there.  Very, very good solid pick for them, he's going to be a good player.

(on his relationship with Wade Phillips and having coached with him when he started his NFL coaching career)

It was great, we came in on the same staff together in Philadelphia and we put our defense in—which was foreign to Wade, so we worked very closely together for a couple years there.

(on why teams have had success running screen passes against the Titans)

The screen passes that we've faced by our opponents have been equally as effective against anybody else as they were against us.  It's a hard pass to defend, especially when you execute it well.  Clearly, we've played some teams that can do it, and that is another concern of ours going into this game is Dallas is a very good screen team.

(on if Dallas' mystique can cause distractions)

You can allow that to happen.  But this is our next opponent and we carry respect for each opponent—for their strengths and their weakness and we have to prepare as good as we possibly can and go out and play well.  It's not a situation where you play Dallas and you play the rest of the NFL; every week there is a different challenge for your football team.

(on the Music City Miracle and Wade Phillips still calling it a forward pass)

I still call it a lateral; I guess we'll take that to our graves—that's just kind of one of those deals.

(on if he's ever talked to Wade Phillips about the Music City Miracle)

No, I don't think we've ever had the discussion.  They call it the home run throw forward there, we call it the home run throw back here.

(on why the Titans have the longest current winning streak against the other conference)

That's you guys, I can't explain it.  We've been fortunate, won some close games and we've been okay on the road as of late, and this young team knows how to prepare.  That does nothing for you going into this weekend.

(on if Tony Romo is overlooked as a good quarterback because of his celebrity status)

We look at tape, we look at statistics and you look at production on the field—that's all we're concerned about.  He's very, very talented.  He's been sacked once, he's extremely elusive in the pocket, makes good decisions, he's got great people around him so he plays the position as good as most of the top quarterbacks in the league.

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