Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on if the New York Giants primarily try to get pressure with their defensive line)

No, they have a fairly sophisticated pressure package in passing situations and it's been effective for them.  You can't go in there without being mindful of their blitz package, you have to be prepared because they can pressure.  Now they didn't pressure against the Colts, but they can pressure.

(on how he'd rate the Giants defensive line compared to what he sees on a week-to-week basis)

They're really solid—they've always been that way.  They've got depth, (Justin) Tuck's playing really well, they're active, they're not a group you can take for granted because they play for 60 minutes.

(on if they can take much from watching the Giants' defensive game film against the Colts)

No, we don't pay attention to that aspect of that game because it's the Colts, it's not us.  People change against the Colts and I don't anticipate seeing anything they did against the Colts this weekend.

(on if there is a significant difference between the Giants offense when Brandon Jacobs is in at running back as opposed to when Ahmad Bradshaw is in the game)

Both backs run similar plays, but there are also some where they'll ask more of one than the other.  They are different styles, I mean Jacobs is a big, powerful, strong runner and he knocks people down, runs over people and Bradshaw can come out of anyplace.  That is the concern.  I mean he might start out with an outside run to the left and he might come bringing it outside to the right.  So it requires a lot of discipline on defense.

(on if the Giants are more versatile with Bradshaw in the game at running back)

Not more versatile, he's just liable to come out of anyplace.  Brandon (Jacobs) is going to follow his course, he reads well, he has really good vision and he's going to follow his course.  Whereas Bradshaw, he can just—the play may appear to be over and then he's off and running.

(on what it's like facing a New York crowd)

They're always a challenge because they're loud from start to finish.  They really support their teams, and we just have to go in there and just like any other place where it is difficult to play and just play well.

(on if the original Meadowlands had unique weather situations)

There was usually—you could always expect wind in that area.

(on if he expects different weather conditions in the new stadium as opposed to the old stadium)

No, I expect wind.  We're prepared to adjust, it swirls and all those rumors about the tunnel opening and closing and things like that.

(on if they scout stadiums for unique challenges)

Yeah, we have advanced scouts—yeah.  And you can talk to people, but again it depends on the weather.  The weather changed, the weather three or four days ago was 69 with 40 percent chance of rain; now there is very little chance of rain.

(on why they practiced in the bubble today)

Just to get out of the heat.  If we were going to play in 90 degree temperatures, we'd have stayed outside to acclimate, get used to the game time, but the game is not going to be a particularly warm-weather game so I wanted to keep them fresh.

(on if he expects Tony Brown to play this week)

Yes, he didn't practice today but I expect him to be fine.

(on if he's looking for the offensive line to bounce back this week)

I'm looking for the whole team to bounce back.  The offensive line, I thought, got the job done for three quarters then we had some breakdowns in the fourth.  By in large, I am expecting our entire offense to pick up and score points.

(on what specific things he wanted to see from Vince Young this week)

Just to accept the game plan and to carry over what's going on inside to the outside; he's had two really good days—especially today.

(on if he's talked to the team about the bed bug scare in New York City)

No, thanks for bringing it up though.

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