Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report




(on the tone that the Titans defense has started to set for the season)

I thought we played well.  We can still play a lot better, and we have a different opponent every week.  This opponent is equipped differently to do good things on the field.  We have to play with the same intensity, but we have to adjust what we're doing and adjust to what they're doing.  As long as we continue to utilize the fundamentals, which are running hard, tackling, pressuring the passer and stopping the run, then we can say after a few weeks that we may have improved over last year.  After just one game, it's certainly not enough to rush to judgment.

(on if he thinks the Steelers might pose more of a test to the Titans defense than the Raiders did)

Well we got a unique test in what they present for you from a defensive standpoint.  They're very talented on special teams, on offense they've been together.  Now they've got an inexperienced quarterback, they're still very, very talented, but this offensive group has been together for a long time.

(on what Pittsburgh quarterback Dennis Dixon does well)

He made all the throws.  He can escape, as you would expect and throw with accuracy to both sides.  Some mobile quarterbacks struggle at times throwing across their body, and he didn't do that in their other game.  He's been sharp and he keeps drives alive and he's changing things on the line of scrimmage.  He's playing the position well.

(on if they intend to make Pittsburgh wear their black jerseys on Sunday)

Our intention was to wear the light jerseys the first couple games of the season, yes.

(on if it's unique to face a rookie center in the first two weeks of the season)

Yeah, I can't remember it happening, but it's just the game.  It's coincidence.  They're both good players, (Steelers rookie, Maurkice) Pouncey is going to be a very, very good player.

(on if there is any particular reason why Jason Jones has had so much success in his two career games against Pittsburgh)

We've been able to make the quarterback hold the ball a little bit, and when you do that you can get interior pressure.  That pressure is not possible unless we're forcing the quarterback to step up, which we did with Kyle (Vanden Bosch) and the rest of the guys.

(on if he's worried about the team getting over confident)

No, we have too much respect for the next opponent each and every week.

(on if a team can get over confident after a win like they had against the Raiders)

It won't happen around here.  It does not happen.  If things don't go right, then you can make all kinds of speculations, but this team is going to be prepared.

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