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Coach Fisher's Thursday Minicamp Report




(on the rookies' progression)

 They are coming along.  We have ample meeting time for them.  The veterans will take off after the sessions but the rookies will continue to meet in the afternoon.  With that being said, I think they are doing pretty well and figuring things out.  We have a lot in right now.

(on whether it has been good work for new veterans like Alvin Pearman and Jamie Winborn)

Yes it has been.  They came in towards the end of the year and just kind of played special teams roles for us.  Now they have had the opportunity to step back and learn both the offense and the defense.

(on whether Pearman and Winborn figure into the mix heading into training camp)

Yes, they are both involved.  We have good numbers and great competition at both spots.

(on replacing Craig Hentrich and knowing what he has in Brett Kern)

It is one thing to work a punter or kicker out and then go through an offseason and not have any opportunity to see how he responds in real games.  That is not the case with Brett.  We had Brett here and he punted very well for us and can hold.  He has been working on a lot of things with Alan [Lowry].  He was a good punter when he came in and I think he is going to be a better one this year.

(on not having Hentrich around this year)

Yeah, it is going to be a little different not having him here.  We will have a little more flexibility with our fakes because Brett is a lot younger.

(on the development of Jared Cook)

He has come on.  He has spent a lot of time inside gaining strength.  The blocking was not something that he was accustomed to doing in college.  He has done well.  We hope it translates over because we have not been in pads yet.  Training camp is going to be real important for us in that standpoint.  As a receiver, he has got all the skills.

(on players taking home playbooks and these next few weeks not being a vacation)

It is a break.  It is not a vacation.  It is a break before training camp.  It is that last three and a half to four weeks that you have to fine tune all aspects, physically, emotionally.  As Vince [Young] probably told you, he wants to come in ready to go.  There shouldn't be issues in the playbook or with installation.  He just needs to come out and execute.

(on the offseason always having an element of drama off the field)

Define drama.

(on the Chris Johnson contract situation, Vince Young situation and Gerald McRath suspension)

Things happen all over the league.  The focus unfortunately goes on that.  What completely offsets it is the improvement of your football team, the improvement of your young players and the anticipation of the start of the season.  Everybody is starting off undefeated.  Despite the fact that there have been a few issues, by and large we have had a lot of good things happen here.

(on the importance of developing chemistry in the linebacker group)

The guys that have been here have been working out every day together.  They have been on the field.  They will have had 14 sessions.  It is not an issue.  They have been communicating real well.  It is not just the linebackers; it is the linebackers communicating with the defensive line and the secondary.

(on a rough couple days for the receivers with injuries)

Yes.  We will be okay and have everyone back for camp.

(on Damian Williams' injury)

We don't have anything.  He just has a hamstring.  I don't know how significant it is.

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