Coach Fisher's Thursday Minicamp Report





(on the large amount of deep balls thrown in today's session)

That is just a part of the installation process. That is a phase that we worked on today with some of those things at the end of a game that come up. We will hit it again in training camp numerous times, but it is good to introduce those types of things to them. Then you go through an exercise where the offense is ahead and try to keep the ball and the defense is behind and trying to get the ball back and how to use timeouts and those types of things that happen. It is good that we got that started and we will continue through camp.

(on whether he was worried when Nate Washington collided with Jason McCourty in practice)

They got their legs tangled up. Nate is a tough guy and he is fine. My heart doesn't skip in the offseason.

(on Jason Jones' progress)

We cut him loose early this week and he has done a good job. His strength is coming back. He's gained a significant amount of weight and he looks good.

(on whether Jones needed to add weight to stay healthy)

Not necessarily to stay healthy, but he can carry it. That is a byproduct of the work he's spent in the weight room.

(on LeGarrette Blount's progress after missing the beginning of OTAs due to school)

He is coming. Kennedy's got to remind him before the plays and things like that which you can appreciate and understand. He doesn't have any trouble learning, so we will be fine when training camp comes around.

(on all of the deep balls thrown today)

No. That is a secret. I can't tell anybody. It happened to be the type of things we were working on today, things down the field. We created some opportunities for the offense to throw the ball down the field by putting the defense in some tough situations.

(on the progress of Will Witherspoon)

He has done fine. He has a good feel for what we are doing. He is starting to work now in the nickel packages, so he has a real good feel. We are pleased with that.

(on not making it to Chris Johnson's camp)

I did not.

(on having a chance to meet with Chris Johnson)

If there is any dialogue that takes place, it will be between he and I.

(on whether any dialogue has taken place)

It is between he and I. It might have.

(on Tony Brown in the individual drills)

Yeah. He got back and worked a lot in the individuals. He is coming back. We're somewhat of a healthy football team right now considering the early offseason procedures that were done, most of the guys are back from that.

(on the possible 18-game schedule)

I would rather let them sort that out before I voice my opinion on that. That is going to be something that obviously is going to be collectively bargained. I think most coaches have their opinion on if it does come to that how we would prefer the offseason and preseason to go.

(on the coaching clinic at the facility)

This is our eighth or ninth now. We have invited youth football, middle school and high school coaches from around the area and they will be interacting throughout most of the rest of the afternoon with the coaching staff.

(on if there is any interest in Albert Haynesworth who wants a trade)

Albert is under contract with the Washington Redskins and I don't discuss players that are under contract.

(on Stephen Tulloch signing his tender and not being here)

That is something they have to get sorted out. Mike [Reinfeldt] and his agent and Stephen do. It didn't surprise me. Just because a player signs a tender doesn't mean he is going to walk in the door and practice. You would like to have that happen, but in this case it hasn't.

(on why he doesn't make some of the days mandatory)

I have never had a mandatory minicamp. A mandatory minicamp is over a three-day period in which you are permitted to practice twice a day two of those three days. It has never made sense to me why one would take a professional athlete and make him practice twice a day in the middle of an offseason. So I have never done that. In addition to that we have great participation in our OTAs and offseason program. I don't feel it is necessary for us.

(on the revamped offensive line with Harris at guard and Amano at center)

There is a tremendous amount of experience out there. It is not like we are stepping somebody up into a new role that has not played. They have all played well together, so I'm pleased with how they are doing.

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