Coach Fisher's Thursday Minicamp Report





(on today's workout session)

I decided to change things up a little bit. In their mind it is easier because we didn't have an OTA but if you watched them they ran continuously for 45 minutes and probably got more conditioning than if we had practiced today. I did it for a couple of reasons. We had a real solid workout on Tuesday. I was really pleased with the speed and where we are overall in the offseason program. Then yesterday we had most, if not just a few guys that missed because it was a short notice thing. Most of the guys just had a tremendous yesterday out working.

(on whether working in the community yesterday changed the players' mindset)

There were a number of guys that said how fortunate they are to be doing what they are doing. When they were reminded that there are relief workers out there doing that every single day. The workload that they were able to put in yesterday was pretty impressive. They worked hard. Some of you guys saw them at noon or 1:00 pm. You should have seen them around 4:00 pm. They were wiped out. All in all it was a great day for us yesterday. Today was just a changeup. They are excited, so we just changed things up. They know they have to rest up over the weekend. The rookies are coming in this weekend and we have a couple of OTAs next week with the entire team. That kind of launches the entire offseason for us once you get the rookies in and get going and wrap up May and June.

(on how the atmosphere changes with the rookies and veterans together)

We had a number of guys looking through the window during the rookie workouts. It does [change]. You have two elements there. You have veterans that are in tremendous shape and you have rookies that come in with their eyes wide open wondering what did I get myself into. The idea is to try to get them caught up as quickly as we can.

(on whether today's drill is all about conditioning or if he is looking at other things)

You can see which guys are athletes and have hand-eye coordination. It gives the big guys an opportunity to go out there and compete and do something other than just hitting a sled. This is an activity that we do periodically during the offseason and you can tell there are rules, there are teams, there are favorites and there are fouls. We have the game down pretty well.

(on the name of the drill)

It is called powerball.

(on who impressed him today)

I was impressed the coaches were able to walk out on the field and watch after their work yesterday.

(on the players partaking in powerball)

It was a good workout day. Everyone wins in a day like today. They all get out there and they all have fun.

(on when was the last time they used powerball during a practice)

I did it last year. There were reasons for it. It was probably a similar reason that they had done so well and things were going so well that we just changed up the OTA.

(on whether he talks to the players about the impact they have in the community)

I don't think anything needs to be said for us that were there. There were a few guys, for example Nate Washington had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday and couldn't get there. He said how can I help, I heard I missed an incredible day. The word is getting out. Not to mention we had one player stay behind and continue work when we came back. As I kind of mentioned to them on Tuesday, I wouldn't be surprised if guys go back on Thursday, Friday and possibility even over the weekend and continue to do some more work.

(on if it becomes more problematic with each OTA that Chris Johnson misses)

I'm not concerned with Chris. He will be here eventually.

(on why he thinks the team hasn't had much of a problem with OTA no-shows in the past)

There have been occasions in years past where we have had some issues. There is always going to be a day where there is a wedding or graduation or there is a cruise or something and somebody misses. But when guys decide not to come in because they are displeased with their contracts that is an issue. That is the business side and we are not going to dwell on it.

(on if it more frustrating with Bo Scaife because his tender is signed)

Bo must have reasons for it. He was compensated pretty well last year. He is going to be compensated pretty well this year. I think we have treated Bo pretty well. If he did go on the record and say he will be back in June, then he will be back in June.

(on why he is confident things will get worked out with Chris Johnson)

These things work themselves out. I'm sure that he is working. I'm sure he is not planning on sitting out the season. I'm sure he is planning on coming in here very soon. When he comes in here, we will monitor and see where he is condition-wise. If we have to hold him out like we did Kenny [Britt], we will.

(on the priorities for next week's OTAs)

We are going to continue to install. We will pick up things, we will add more things related to the OTA. We will have a practice and we will be doing things. We have added a lot of stuff offensively and defensively, so we will do that. We will blend the young guys in and see how they are. They have had a couple of days. Then we will have a rookie session after practice.

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