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Coach Fisher's Thursday Minicamp Report





(on what he liked during the OTA)

Well, you know this is our second OTA. We worked Tuesday. I thought we got a lot done the last couple days. We are not doing an awful lot of team work right now, just because we have some guys that are still finishing up their offseason rehab. Things are going well. We are installing and we are right where we should be.

(on whether he is concerned Chris Johnson is not in attendance)

No. I'm concerned with those that are here. I'm sure that will work itself out.

(on whether he expects Johnson to be here for some OTAs)

Oh yeah. I think he is eventually going to start missing some of his teammates and he will eventually start working his way back.

(on whether it is tough to do the drills with so few running backs)

No. Javon [Ringer] is benefitting from the reps. It has been real good for Ahmard [Hall] too. He needs to become familiar with the tailback position. We have three or four coming in tomorrow. We have some young guys coming in. We will be fine.

(on how he prevents the Johnson situation from becoming a headache)

It is not the first time we have had these things come up. The guys would prefer that he is here. We would all prefer that he is here. Again he eventually will come back. We are concerned about those that are here right now. He knows what it takes to get into shape and to do those things, but it is hard to get it done elsewhere because the group that is working now is in terrific shape.

(on whether Johnson has leverage in the situation)

He is under contract. Again, I'm concerned with those that are here and not the one's that are not.

(on whether he would like to be keeping a closer eye on Johnson especially since he is coming off a 2,000 yard season)

Of course. I would love for everybody to be here. I don't think you can substitute outside the building the workload that we get done here. It is obvious and it has been documented over the years. There are always exceptions. I just hope CJ is taking good care of himself while he is not here.

(on whether he has talked to the other players that are not here)

I have, David Thornton who is excused. Bo [Sciafe] and Tully [Stephen Tulloch] are obviously taking advice from their agent. That is what it is.

(on if it is strange from Bo Scaife considering he signed the tender)

I'm really not going to get into negotiations right now. We are hoping we can get things worked out and get them in.

(on his first impression of Will Witherspoon and Tye Hill)

They have been here and they have been doing well. Will has just stepped right in and he is what we thought he was. He has tremendous skills and he is going to be a great addition to our defense. Tye has had a real good last couple of weeks and is making plays in the secondary.

(on the cornerback spot opposite Cortland Finnegan)

There is going to be a lot of rotation. We have a lot of guys competing. This is the way we lined them up today. Cort is going to be playing both sides. We have great competition at the spot and the next time you come out, we may have someone else working opposite Cortland.

(on the progress of Ryan Mouton and Jason McCourty this offseason)

They have done well. The attendance has been great, the work has been good. They are seeking help and doing the extra things on their own in the film room. As we have said year after year players should make their biggest stride and most improvement from year one to year two. We are seeing that with a lot of the young guys. Sen'Derrick [Marks] has had a real good offseason as well.

(on Leroy Harris at guard and Eugene Amano at center)

They both can play both positions. They are both interchangeable. That is just how we lined up today.

(on Jared Cook getting reps with Scaife out)

Cookie has been getting reps and will continue. Craig [Stevens] is really doing a good job with the important things, the blocking, the technique, the strength. Cookie and Craig have had a nice few weeks together.

(on the expectations of Cook)

He understands. I think looking back he is a little disappointed with the injuries, the ankle and the things that happened last year. When he did get in, he made plays for us. Now we just need to get him on the field more.

(on whether he anticipates rotating Harris and Amano among the line )

We will lock them in eventually. We are just moving them around a little bit.

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