Coach Fisher's Sunday Training Camp Report


(on how to analyze the offenses performance against the Cowboys)


You take it one play at a time. There's sometimes when the defense wins, that's the nature of the National Football League. It's nothing that we're too awfully concerned about. We had some opportunities to make plays and we just didn't convert third downs. We did some good things. There were some good things that we did see. We've got a full week of practice and are working to get better.


(on how Coach Cecil is settling in after a few games)

He's had a variety of experience with the no-huddle at Buffalo and no information against Tampa Bay and then a good football team last week that clearly game planned. He's done a good job, he's keeping things basic and I think in his mind he's getting them ready each week but still very much looking forward to the opener.

(on Bo Scaife)

Bo's been having a good camp. Vince (Young) was at the other end of those throws and it was good to see them hook up again. He's got his legs under him and he's been making plays for us.


(on if there will be more game planning for Cleveland)


Not necessarily, we may play a little bit more but we'll keep things basic and try to go out and execute.

(on if Mark Jones will get a chance to return kicks this week)

I think there's a chance to get a lot of people back this week.

(on if there has been a decision on how long the first units will play vs. Cleveland)

At this point, no. We brought the offensive line back for the first series in the third quarter last week and then we took the defense out in the middle of the second quarter because the numbers. We will try to increase their numbers just a little bit.

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