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Coach Fisher's Sunday Training Camp Report



(on Kenny Britt's situation)

As you know, we agreed to terms with Kenny late yesterday. We got all the paperwork done, everything done early in the morning. We evaluated his hamstring that he had injured prior to leaving after the OTAs. As a result of the evaluation, we felt it would be best to place him on active PUP status which will not allow him to practice. After the evaluation, it was apparent that he could probably fight his way through practice, but with the experience we've been through in the past, we're really subjecting him to reinjuring the hamstring. We decided to put him on active PUP and we are going to continue to rehab him. As far as his return to practice date, it's really hard to say. It could be the middle, end of the week, or we may wait a week before we allow him to come back. We want to take an aggressive approach to his rehab; get his condition level up before we allow him to come back on the practice field.

(on concern of Britt being behind)

Of course it puts him behind. It's obvious, but he's going to stay up mentally and we will get him to the point where he can compete. He will catch up. He is a smart young man and he understands what we are doing. We'll get him on the practice field as soon as we can, but it makes no sense to just subject him to, especially a young player. They're enthusiastic. They're eager to go out and do things and then they have problems. So we are going to wise as far as our approach to him.


(on expectations of Britt returning healthy)

We had some communication with him and he said he was working, but you know how that goes. We're not blaming anybody but it's the nature of the injury. The rest of his classmates that left here healthy were really able to push themselves and get in shape. He was not because of the injury. We are going to take advantage of our expertise and get him back as soon as we can.


(on chances of Britt playing in the preseason opener)

I'd say it's probably unlikely he'd play this week. I won't rule him out, but he's got a ways to go. He's young and eager, and we'll get him out here as soon as we can.


(on whether a player has to fail a physical to be put on PUP))

He would not. No, we just put him on active PUP status which in essence means he is not prepared to play at this point; which implies that he would have failed a physical, yes….

(on disappointment of Britt showing up late and not being able to practice)

I'm happy that he's here. We're going to get him, keep him focused in the meetings; get him back in shape, period.


(on Jacob Ford)

We're evaluating. He's got a hamstring issue and we're going to evaluate it.


(on first day in pads)

It was good. They were feisty. The overall team speed slowed down just a little bit when you put the pads on, but I thought it was a good day. We got a lot done.

(on Rob Bironas)

We expect him back here soon. I thought he would be back today, but I'm sure he'll be doing some light kicking tomorrow.

(on Bironas not being on PUP)

We chose not to because we felt like he would be very, very close.

(if Bironas' injury is significant)

It is actually an injury that is going to prohibit him from kicking full speed right now.

(on when Bironas' injury occurred)

He kicked throughout the summer, and developed some soreness in his body late last week.

(if the injury is to Bironas' upper body or lower body)

Soreness in his body. Next question.

(on Bironas' injury potentially being the groin)

Okay, I'll give you one. Okay. No, it's not the groin. Next question.

(on the opportunity for others out there with Britt not practicing)


Yeah, the guys are making plays. That's it. We need to get Mark back and Kenny back as quick as we can. Even with the reduced number of practices, the reps will take its toll on that group.

(on Tony Brown's performance and expectations)

Well, he has had a great offseason. He has been here everyday, worked hard and is doing well, doing fine. I expect him to play well for us.

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