Coach Fisher's Saturday training camp report




(On getting Chris Johnson into camp)

We're excited about it. Things fell together quite nicely last night after Dallas and Pittsburgh got going. We got him on an early flight, woke him up early. He probably thought he was working out in Tampa so he had to go from Orlando, pack up and get back but he'll sleep good tonight for a number of reasons.

(On his thoughts on Johnson's conditioning)

He's fine. He understands what we're doing. We moved him around quite a bit this afternoon and asked him to do some things. We got him caught up in the walk-though this morning so he's got no problems learning and he came back in good shape. He still has to do the conditioning test so it's going to be left up to him as to when he wants to do it but all things aside he's excited about making some big plays for us.

(On how Albert Haynesworth looked in his first practice)

He's fine. He got through it with no problems. You know, we'll kind of adjust. It's different when you're working on your own as compared to participating in the OTAs and he's probably a little bit rusty but he'll get it back in no time.

(On if Haynesworth looked like he had a six-pack)

You know he actually looked pretty good, I was pleased with his weight at his reporting. But I haven't seen him with his shirt off.

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