Coach Fisher's Saturday Training Camp Report




(on Chris Johnson's performance in Saturday's practice)

Oh, he was good. He looked real good. He's in shape. He got the times confused a little bit, so he ran his shuttle test a little closer to practice than everybody else. So he was a little tired, but he'll be fine tomorrow.

(on Saturday's practice)

It was hot. Regardless of what you do leading up to this time over the last three or four weeks and how hard you work, you still can't simulate the workload on the practice field. And of course you add the heat to it. And that's exactly why we take a very cautious, careful approach and emphasize acclimation. And we're going to do that over the next couple days. We're going to go once a day, have a walk-through. Then, we'll put shoulder pads on for a couple days with the idea being we need to get used to the heat.

(on what time Chris Johnson ran his shuttle test)

Somewhere close to noon or 1:00 (p.m.).

(on if Chris Johnson passed his conditioning test easily)

Yeah, he and Stephen Tulloch both passed.

(on if he will need to ease Stephen Tulloch into the system)

No, we've got training camp numbers, so we're going to get reps. And we'll be mindful of the reps and mindful of the consistent players. You know, there are some defensive linemen that have been working, and they're going to play maybe four or five plays and then get out. So with the rotation, we're being considerate of everything.

(on how Stephen Tulloch looks physically)

He appeared to be fine. From my understanding, he did fine on the shuttle test, and he's moving around. We're not in pads, and this is still the first day.

(on if a few guys were fined for missing mandatory breakfast)

That type of stuff is between me and them.

(on what he told the team before Saturday's practice)

We had a brief meeting. I thought it was more important for them to be able to go to their breakdown meeting for installation. We're going to have our group therapy sessions tonight.

(on the receivers' performance at Saturday's practice)

Guys are catching the ball. We made the typical mistakes you're going to make at the first practice. We've got a long way to go. We're nowhere close to being ready to play a game yet.

(on if Tye Hill's lack of participation was precautionary)

He's strained a little bit. We're going to evaluate him soon.

(on if he still gets excited for the first day of training camp)

They started reporting last night, so we got to visit with everybody last night and through the meeting sessions today. It's always good to get the first one under your belt, see where you are and go from there.

(on Sean Ryan)

Well, he's an experienced player. He's played in a number of offenses, so he's a very, very adequate blocker. He's physical on the line of scrimmage, smart and knows how to get open. He'll be a good addition to our roster.

(on the status of Derrick Morgan's contract)

When I came out to practice, Mike (Reinfeldt) was really hopeful. It sounded like they were getting close. So we'll let you know.

(on Tony Brown's status)

We've got six players that we've put on PUP. Tony would be one of them. They will be there for a day, two days, maybe a week. They'll all be on kind of a day-to-day thing. But we just felt like we still had some work to do before we clear him for practice. 

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