Coach Fisher's Saturday Press Conference





(on the offense's and defense's performance in the first half)


If you look at the tape there are some good things in the tape. We try to look at preseason in the big picture. We've played three games and the starting defense has given up one touchdown. Yesterday, with a minute and two seconds left, we were up 10-7. We subbed and they kept their starters in and they put the ball in the end zone. We're not too awfully concerned. The one thing that as I said yesterday, we got third-and-10 and got off the field, third-and-12 and got off the field. Offensively we couldn't sustain drives so as a result the defense was on the field quite a bit. You actually want to see those kinds of things. You want to see your defense play and play against a talented offense. Overall there are clearly some things we need to get corrected and things we need to continue to work on. We saw some good things out of some younger players, a tremendous effort. I think it was asked, were there any positives? The positives were the negatives because you have to correct the negatives, the mistakes, in the preseason.

(on if any plays stood out on offense)

We didn't make any plays on first down so we created down and distance problems for ourselves and got off the field. Who knows what happens if that's a regular season game. We did get the drive, we did get the touchdown, we got the points and then we obviously started substituting. We've got some work to do. We didn't plan, per se, we kept things basic on both sides of the ball with the intention of just letting players play.

(on Dallas' new video board over the field)

It's something the league will look at, my opinion doesn't matter. The only issue I have to deal with is (A.J.) Trapasso thought he was going to get a roundtrip ticket to Hawaii for two if he hit the board.

(on if the competition committee will talk about the video board)

I think it's going to fall more into the hands of game ops than it will the competition committee. Now if there's any modification to rules down the line then the committee will have to get involved.

(on his first impression of the video board)

When I walked out for the first time Craig (Hentrich) was standing there. Craig said, 'How high is the bubble?' I said, 'I'm not quite sure. I think it's about 85 feet or something like that.' He says, 'There's going to be a problem here.' I think he hit it the first three times he punted the ball.

(on if he thinks the practice bubble is 85 feet)

I'm guessing something 75 to 80 feet.


*(on if there is cause for more injuries when the ball hits the video board)

If you're going to repeat the play, yeah. There's a slightly higher injury rate associated with special teams play then there is normal scrimmage plays. The issues are who's going to see it. Who's going to see the ball actually strike the structure because officiating mechanics, they don't follow the flight of the ball. Specifically, once fair catch is signaled they all have different responsibilities. The back judge's eyes now have to go exclusively on the return man to be able to identify any fair catch interference and those kinds of things. Who's going to see it? Replay was not designed for those types of things. As a coach I certainly don't want to be forced to use a challenge for that because your challenge opportunities, there's a premium on those. You get the first two right and you get a third. That just was not designed to fall under that replay envelope. Then you have other situations involved too because there's different strategic kicks and things like that that can be affected.

(on Javon Ringer being a solid kick returner)

It was a good run. He got in some traffic and bounced out. We've seen runners do that all the time but we're going to continue to look at him.

(on Javon Ringer possibly pushing LenDale White for the number two running back position)

We drafted him because he has the ability. We have a lot of backs on the roster that have ability. I'm pleased with his preseason thus far.

(on Quinton Ganther's playing potential)

We know what Q can do. We need to see some improvement out of Chris Henry. We need to find out what Javon can do in game situations. We still have two ball games left and there's a good chance that Q will get his carries as well as Rafael (Little).

(on Tuff Harris returning punts)

Tuff makes good decisions. He handles and fields the ball well. He has a good sense for it.

(on how many guys will be on the practice field this week)

I haven't ruled anybody out. I think we have a chance to work mostly everybody back on the practice field at some point with the intention and expectation that they will play this week.

(on Tanard Davis struggling against Patrick Crayton)

We kept things basic. I think anybody in the nickel back position would have difficulty with the types of things we were doing.

(on the advantages or disadvantages of showcasing plays during preseason)

Well there is a great deal of thought that goes into that. You have two extremes. One is show them everything, make your early opponents prepare for everything. The other extreme is don't show them anything. And so there is reasons for each and everything we do. We just don't randomly put plans together and let them do it. There's a great deal of thought that goes into what we're doing on both sides of the ball and special teams.

(on if there is a challenge evaluating the players during preseason)

Well that's what we said. We have two sets of criteria to evaluate younger players and one is on the practice field and one is in the game. In the game, if you keep things basic you're expecting the player to not only know what to do but how to do it, and go out and execute.

(on playing time for the starters this week against the Browns)

You know we're going to discuss that over the next couple of days. I like the amount of plays people are getting. The players are getting, the starters are getting. So we'll just evaluate and see.

(on whether Kerry Collins is starting the next game)


(on if the running game is struggling)

Well the numbers speak for themselves but I'm not concerned about it because basically we have the same people doing what we did last year and we were effective. I think with some tweaks and things like that and some of the schematic things, we will improve.

(on what would have to happen for there to be a concern)

A lack of production in the regular season. I mean preseason is preseason. We've won two ballgames in the preseason, and we've got two more and we're going to continue to work through camp. There is always issues that you address throughout training camp. We have things specifically that we have to work on this week.

(on if Edison cut off his route)

He didn't see the ball. He never tracked the ball at all.

(on Dominique Edison not seeing the ball because of the video board)

He may have been watching a commercial.

(on potential of Kenny Britt scoring a touchdown on a deep ball in the second half)

Kenny (Britt) did a great job separating and the ball was underthrown a little bit. I thought we could have made a case for pass interference but it didn't happen. He (Vince Young) came back and made a good throw to Dominique (Edison) but he just didn't track the ball.

(on snap problems from under center)

Well, there are issues. The center's responsibility, with some specific run plays against this front changes, so at times Leroy (Harris) will lead a little bit quicker than the quarterback anticipates. Again, as coaches, we open the season against this same front. These are good things to happen during the preseason.

(on the play of the second group of cornerbacks and safeties last night)

They were tested and they worked hard. I was glad that Wade (Phillips) and his staff carried balance into the ballgame. When they got up, they could have just handed it off. Instead, they kept throwing it which gave us an opportunity to evaluate them.

(on tackling being an issue)

We didn't tackle very well. We missed two open field tackles.

(on disappointment in Chris Davis' DUI)

I spoke to him and I'm very disappointed. The organization is very disappointed in the decision that he made.

(on the amount of guys that stayed in Nashville during the road trip)

Four to six.

(on Davis getting a second chance)

Again, we're disappointed and we haven't come to any conclusions yet. He has got to deal with the legal process but we are very disappointed in his decision.

(on how close Davis is to physically get back on the field)

He would not play this week.

(on Larry Birdine's injury and any other injuries from last night's game)

Larry's was just wind. He returned. We didn't have anything in the ball game that would be of any concern. The quarterbacks are a little sore.

(on potentially cutting camp short if there were a limited number of penalties)

Who was talking?

(on someone mentioning on Twitter that training camp would be cut short if the Titans had less penalties)

Really. We would've given them a couple evenings off, yes. The over-under was five. We had seven, but there were four or five that were declined. They didn't have a chance and I knew it.

(on the penalties challenge being a pre-game challenge or said during the week)

You'll have to check Twitter.

(on penalties being an issue)

Penalties came down. We had some that were unnecessary, but we had some that I disagreed with. We had a couple of holds that I really didn't want to see called. We had a couple on special teams that were unnecessary.

(on having to reign Chuck Cecil's emotions in)

Not unusual for coaches to get excited on the sideline. He had every reason to be excited as I did in that particular situation.

(on the reception in Dallas with Trapasso and the scoreboard)

Like I said, he was going after that free round-trip ticket. So, yeah.

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