Coach Fisher's Saturday practice report




(On keeping the players grounded with all the fanfare of a Monday night game)

It's pretty simple, you just focus on your football. Focus on execution. Keep your emotions in check and focus on execution.

(On if he saw what he wanted out of Justin McCareins at practice)

Yeah, I was pleased with what I saw today out on the practice field.

(On if Kyle Vanden Bosch has to show that he's healthier than last week to play Monday night)

No, I was pleased with the way that practice went and with how the injured players responded. I'm going to keep the injury report as it was yesterday and I have no changes to the injury report.

(On how important it is to get pressure on Peyton Manning)

Yeah, anytime you face a quarterback with his kind of ability, pressure helps. You try to get him off the spot but that's hard to do. He understands pressure and he understands getting rid of the ball.

(On if there is anything new they can show Peyton Manning defensively)

Well, I mean there's familiarity. But I think every year we try to do some different things, some subtle changes to what we've done but he's seen everything. He's got great recall and he studies so he's very familiar with what we do, as we are with him.

(On if there's more to prepare for when facingIndianapoliscompared to other teams)

Well every offense is different. Every system is different and each week the game plans are different. This is unique and it requires a great deal of patience on the defensive side.

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