Coach Fisher's Rookie Camp Report





(on Kenny Britt's first day)

You know, we saw a lot of good things from a lot of players out here today. It's interesting. You have a perception of what you expect them to look like on the first day based on all of the evaluations and things, and then, of course, when you get them out here in person, it's always good to see. They did a good job. We slowed the pace down. Their minds are spinning right now because they've got a lot of information, but overall it's a real good group.

(on the battle between Rutgers CB Jason McCourty and Britt)

Oh yeah. We try to end a drill on a good note. There's no loser in that one. One of them is going to win. They know each other very well, as Kenny talked about a couple days ago, and they both have great respect for each other.

(on whether anyone tries too hard on the first day)

No, we told them just to relax and just to do the best they could. We don't expect them to be in great shape right now; they're not. We have to emphasize the orientation part. People say, 'It's a minicamp, it's a …" Well, no, it's more of an orientation. We're just trying to get them accustomed to the way we're doing things.

(on how much the individual coaching helps when just the rookies are together with the coaches)

If you look at the alternative, what a number of clubs do, is they bring all the vets and bring everybody together. They just get lost. So this way, we have a better chance of evaluating where they are in every area – in the weight room, flexibility, where they are mentally – and then we send them home for a couple weeks and allow them to get caught up. When they come back, hopefully they've closed that gap with the vets because right now they are no way anywhere close to being in the same shape that, quote, 'varsity' is right now. Because they've been working.

(on what the team saw in quarterback Alex Mortensen)

We talked around, and he's just a real good camp arm, a guy that's going to be reliable and that just wants an opportunity to play in a preseason game. We're happy with the three quarterbacks, and we're going to just send him all over the field. He's just a football guy. He's kind of a good locker room guy, and we think he'll get done what we need to get done.

(on if signing Mortensen is a way to make sure no leaks get out)

Oh, yeah, yeah, there's no question about that. I was kind of hoping Chris Berman had a son, but he's just got all daughters (laughing).

(on the health of third-round pick Ryan Mouton)

Yeah, I mean, we're evaluating him. I was pleased he was able to do what we asked of him. But we're going to watch him. I think he's probably a couple weeks away.

(on if they told Mouton to practice at 75 percent)

We told him to be smart. He's smart enough to know that … Marcus (Robertson) worked him out, as we said, a week ago today, and so he's even further along than he was a week ago. We're optimistic that he'll get back.

(on how difficult it is for the rookies to grasp the playbook)

Well, I think it's incumbent on us to be smart and not to overload them. We're giving them bits and pieces here and there, and you build. Most of them will take things with them. Once they come back, they'll step into the OTAs, and then of course we have those rookie seven-on-sevens and the rookie team (periods), so we'll get them caught up.

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