Coach Fisher's Monday Training Camp Report


(on having referees on the field for practice)

We do it every year. It works very well for both sides. We need their presence out there. We've got a game in less than a week and they're going to help us in a lot of areas. It's their one opportunity to go out and refresh themselves and work before they do a preseason game. It's happening league wide, it's not uncommon to have at least half of a crew out for a couple days. We'll have a meeting with the team tonight regarding all of the rule changes and the points of emphasis.

(on the huddle toward the end of practice having to do with committing penalties)

No, I hadn't had a chance to do my two minute presentation and there was just a couple things that I wanted to remind them of, that's all.

(on being unhappy with the team committing multiple penalties)

There are a lot of things that happen on the practice field that are very, very valuable learning experiences and that was one of them.

(on William Hayes being stronger)

He has. He's worked hard. He came on the end of the year last year when he was active and playing, he was productive for us. He's worked real hard with Coach Washburn and he's off to a good start.

(on practicing under the lights tomorrow possibly being in preparation for the Bills game)

No, it's not. It's just part of camp. We won't get into Buffalo until late Thursday early Friday. This is just about doing some things that we need to do. I want to take advantage of the rest and the opportunity during the day to get their legs back. We have the tendency to pick the speed, it's different. That light thing at night's different. It kind of picks the tempo up a little bit so we want to have a full speed practice and work on a lot of passing drills.

(on being in pads for tomorrow night's practice)

Yes, we'll be in shoulder pads as well.

(on the pressure and blitzing)

It was a period. We do a lot of different periods at practice. We emphasize things from period to period and one period that we did have was the blitz, yes.

(on Chris Henry having multiple opportunities)

Yeah, he did. He's very explosive and he's improved. We had a special teams practice this morning and he's much improved in that area and that's going to be important for him. He's a talented player. Each back will get a little more reps each day than the rest and today was Chris's turn.

(on Kerry Collins approach to this camp being the starting QB)

His role has changed. It changed in the opener last year. He's had a whole offseason to work with Mike [Heimerdinger]. He has a real good understanding of what we're doing. He has a right to expect everybody to be in the right place. He'd probably tell you he's a little bit more critical of himself. He's that much further in the offense.

(on being impressed by Kerry Collins physically)

He's been great. He doesn't have any physical issues. He's in great shape, arm strength is good, arm's not fatiguing and his legs are good.

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