Coach Fisher's Monday Training Camp Report

(on Ryan Mouton's resiliency)

He bounced back off the things from last year and on the practice field, and you have to do that at the corner slot. As I've said, you have to have a very, very short-term memory out there because you have to bounce back the next play and make a play. And that's what Ryan did. He came back and hung in there and played hard. He played well up until he gave up the play, and he came back and made a big play. And that's kind of corner 101. That's kind of the personality that you look for.

(on if Ryan Mouton was lax on some of his coverage)

We were in some zones and things like that. But the corners graded out pretty well.

(on his thoughts after looking at the game tape)

Our effort was there. There were no faraway looks by the rookies who came out. They played. They weren't perfect, but they played hard. I was somewhat pleased with the special teams. Some guys stepped up, guys that haven't done it for us before. Mike Rivera, for example got up there, and he did a nice job in a lot of those areas. With the younger guys, we were able to look at the tape and say, 'Here's where we have to improve.'" But when your offense goes down and scores on the first drive and your defense plays the first quarter scoreless, that's kind of the thing you look for on the first preseason game.

(on Jason Jones' ability to help the defense by staying healthy)

He's off to a great start. He's strong and can really be a difference maker inside. He's excited, too, which is good. He's worked very hard to get to this point.

(on if Alterraun Verner seems to be ahead of most rookies)

Yeah, he is. From an instinct standpoint, feel for the game, technique. The one thing at that spot is you need to know where your help is, and he's very much aware of where his help is. And he's doing the little things right, which is good to see.

(on his evaluation of Raheem Brock during Saturday's preseason game)

He was in 18 to 20 (snaps), just like we thought and just what we told him to expect. He did good. He bounced around the run and had some rushes. And for a guy who's been out and had one practice, he's got a good feel for it.

(on if he anticipated Alterraun Verner's pick during Saturday's game)

I couldn't have made that play. There are probably a lot of receivers that wouldn't have made that play. But that was great anticipation to protect the football and keep the ball off the ground. That was quite an effort.

(on the importance of this week's preseason game, knowing that next week will be a short one)

We have a unique week ahead of us. Today, we had a couple sessions. We had a correction session on offense, defense and special teams, where we'd go back and correct the mistakes that took place in the game. And we got competitive and moved the ball in the two-minute (drill). We're all over the place this week. We've got a noon practice tomorrow, a night practice Wednesday. But this is a very, very important week for us. Because as you said, you play Monday. You've got to get it back Tuesday; they rest Tuesday. We've got practice Wednesday to where we can get some things done, and then you're preparing for the next opponent.

(on Craig Stevens' potential as both a blocker and a receiver)

He's improved and played special teams very well, limited to the first quarter of the game. He blocked well and caught well and that's just what we expect him to be.

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