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Coach Fisher's Monday Training Camp Report


(on the day off on Sunday)

It was beneficial.  We had a good session this morning in the bubble.  It was kind of a stretch out and get the body back and they were very attentive this morning.  So it was good.  The time off was good.  They know we're in game mode and we've got two more days of shoulder pads and we're ready to go.

(on the differences in practice when preparing for a game)

They look forward to the day off on Saturday and now they look forward to a game.  You install, you go through all of those things.  We are not going to game plan Seattle's offense, defense and special teams but you have to present them with things that we're going to call.  So it changes by the middle part of the week.  This is what we're going with, this is what we'll do in these types of situations so make sure you know what to do.

(on the benefits of playing against Seattle as opposed to playing against each other)

Well it's really the first live work that we get so that is when … You know we've been evaluating under these circumstances and now we get to evaluate under game situations and circumstances which is beneficial for us.

(on the length of the Seattle trip)

A couple of years ago we went to San Francisco, but it's a long trip and you can look at it two ways.  You can complain about it or you can say that preseason is to prepare yourself for the regular season, and we've got long trips in the regular season so it will be good exercise for us.

(on the defense coming together)

Well they are coming together.  You go from one period to the next and the offense will make plays one period and the defense will come back and make plays the next which is good to see.  You know we had a screen pass, for example, that wasn't executed to perfection but Ryan Mouton knifes inside and bounces back outside and makes a good play for no gain.  So the play itself, there's a lot to learn from that.  Be correct on offense and then we praise and learn from the effort on defense.  I don't know if one side is ahead of the other right now but we're getting better.  Today was … Often times you take a break and you come back flat, but that was not the case today.

(on whether Cortland Finnegan sitting out gives the coaches a better look at the position battle)

Well it's helping us but still our numbers are down.  Tye (Hill) came back for individual and is closer to coming back.  With Cortland (Finnegan) being down for a couple of days and resting and worrying about the fatigue and then chain reactions impact the position.  But they are getting reps, they're getting the opportunity.

(on whether the coaches will bring any other players in)

No, we'll just be mindful of the reps.

(on Cortland Finnegan's minor injury)

He's got some strains and things like that but nothing to keep him out very long.

(on the cornerback battle)

Well we also have Tye Hill in that but he's been injured.  Alterraun (Verner) has been involved in that as well.  No, they are all just getting better right now.  It would be a tough call today if we were starting the regular season.

(on whether he has a favorite position battle)

Well they're all different.  We've got that sixth receiver spot and then who is going to be the third or fourth receiver and how much are they going to play?  I mean, Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) continues to make plays and Kenny (Britt) has had a couple of good days.  What's good is to see all of the positions improved, that's the thing that, from a coaches standpoint, that's what you have to see.

(on what he has seen from Marc Mariani)

Well, he's versatile in that he can return kickoffs, return punts, and make a lot of plays at that level in their offense.  Our scouts graded him and they had, as far as we can tell, an accurate grade on him.  He's a smart kid and gets in the right place and he's competitive and he makes plays.

(on whether the receivers are the best group that Vince Young has had around him)

It is.  I've said this is the best group of receivers that Vince (Young) has had around him since coming here

(on whether the goal line drill is beneficial for the offense or the defense)

Well it's for both.  We do it every year.  We do it a couple of times.  We don't dwell on crowd noise but you have to understand the situation and the worst part of what happened was the last play where three guys were pulled offside.  Your offense has nothing to lose by false starting when they are backed up.  They just back them up half a yard.  The defense has to realize that and that's how you get out of those situations.  It's a learning process for them.  We do it all the time.  You read some teams put speakers and music in there and I just have the guys yell.  It's effective.

(on Craig Stevens stepping up)

Craig (Stevens) has had a real good offseason.  He has increased his strength.  He's a very good blocker and he's getting open and making catches so we are pleased with the process.  It was his turn to step up.  It's the same thing with Jared Cook.  We knew that they would both step up and be able to make a lot of plays for us.

(on whether he brought in Marc Mariani because of the connection to his son)

This is a business.  You make decisions based on who is on the board.  The only benefit we got that I have seen the kid play and I know he is a great character.  That is the advantage.  No, you grade him objectively.  People are always entitled to their opinions, but he continues to make plays for us.

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