Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference





(on the two incompletions in the end zone to Nate Washington and Lavelle Hawkins)


The ball was thrown accurately, Nate was knocked off course. I thought he was illegally contacted by the defender. Obviously, the ball falls incomplete. So, as far as the one to Lavelle, it's just football. Vince played well enough for us to win, he made the throws. That's just football.

(on the defender diving at Vince Young's legs)

The defender dove in to his legs. The question is whether or not he was fouled in to him. I don't believe he was. Kevin (Mawae) stepped sideways because he had penetration and he went right down in to his knees. Now, the referee is expected to see the whole act and when in question he's obviously supposed to throw the flag, similar to the ones that were thrown in our first game against the Colts. In the two-minute drive we had two. This one was not called. I personally thought it should have been called. I thought it was a foul.

(on if the defender made a play on the ball on the fourth down pass to Kenny Britt)

I thought that was defensive pass interference.

(on if he was surprised the pass interference was not called)

Let me just say this, obviously the Colts played a really solid football game and played well enough to win. We had our opportunities and didn't play as good as I hoped we would with some of the things that happened. I'm not sitting here and pointing a finger at the things that were and not called. I will say I'm very disappointed. I'm disappointed in a number of things that were called incorrectly or were not called. That one that you're referencing there, the play where Vince scrambled to the one-yard line, defensive holding should have been called or illegal contact. That was not called. That would have given us a first-and-goal. Then a D.P.I.'s (defensive pass interference) called and it's first-and-goal again. So, certainly we have to execute. There were some contributing factors in this ballgame, the hold on Eugene (Amano). I don't think I've ever seen a line judge call a hold on an interior lineman. That's not his responsibility. Nevertheless, we still have the responsibility to overcome and we did not

(on if he will contact the league regarding the issues he had with calls by officials)

That's between me and the league office.

(on if he handles situations differently based on how many times a call was made)

There's a number of things that I disagree with, that I was disappointed with that will be discussed between myself and the league period.

(on if calls made or players mistakes bother him more)

Let me say this. There were some things that we were guilty of that didn't get called for the Colts as well. There were things that we got away with. Nevertheless, I just thought there were some things at some critical situations that slipped by.

(on Vince Young's knee)

Obviously, it was a physical game. There was a lot going on. I think he was a little sore prior to the interception. Mainly the hit that you referenced there on one leg and just running around. Overall, I thought he did a good job considering we were just sacked once and they're one of the better pass-rushing teams in the league.

(on what happened to Vince Young in the bench area)


I didn't see it.


(on if Vince Young will have to miss any practice time because of the knee)

We're treating him today and we'll see how he is. I wouldn't anticipate it being a problem.

(on Tony Brown's penalty before half)

First off, the team has to be put first. There's never a situation where you have an unsportsmanlike conduct action that takes place after a play, especially in that situation, that's okay. It's not okay. You hope that the players, despite how far they're pushed, will be able to keep their poise. What I meant by what I said last night is that I can understand his reaction. That's between he and I.

(on what he says to encourage Vince Young)

Well, we handle that no differently than we handle the rest of the players and his teammates. You continue to encourage them and coach them. It's our job to help them improve and put plans together that they can be successful at. We take it on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis with the hope that we make enough plays to win the ballgame.

(on how the Colts kept Chris Johnson from breaking long runs)

I mentioned all week they have tremendous speed and they're a good tackling defense. A 100-yard effort against their defense is still a pretty good effort. I kind of chuckle when someone says they shut C.J. down. We've got to try to keep things in perspective here. I think he's one of three to reach 1,500 yards after 12 games. It's quite a group that he's keeping company with. His efforts have been tremendous. We'll applaud the Colts defense for not giving up a 90-yard touchdown run. I thought C.J. played very well in the game.

(on if other teams gain anything from watching the Colts defend Chris Johnson)

It's just the game. I think if you look back, I think clearly the opponent we played after San Francisco did everything they possibly could to prevent the long runs. Of course, Arizona did everything they possibly could. They probably looked at tape and still were unable to do it. Each week's different. It's a different challenge each week.

(on Chris Johnson possible gaining 2,000 rushing yards)

I'm going to do what's best for this team. We're going to try to win ballgames. If that means getting LenDale (White) more touches, which in I think we probably should have done last night in retrospect, that's what it means. All those personal things are all well and good, but at this point we need to win the next game.

(on going for it on fourth down)

I would have done it again. I would've handle that game the same way I handled it last night given the opportunity. I didn't second-guess anything I did in that ballgame. You're all entitled to your opinions. I'm trying to win the ballgame. We're playing Peyton Manning who's as hot as he's been in his career. To me I believe that was our best chance to win games.

(on Jared Cook's concussion)

That's medical information that I'm not going to disclose other than we're going to follow and have been following the protocol. That's just what we do.

(on the new concussion policy)

We're following protocol. I'm not going to go in to policy. If you got the policy then you guys are free to review it yourself. Really the only change is we that need to get a neutral physician involved to assess baselines and comparisons, period. That's what we're doing.

(on when Jared Cook's concussion happened)

It happened on the second kickoff.

(on how to motivate players)

I talked with the guys this morning. We gave it our best shot. We didn't get it done. We had opportunities and we didn't get it done. We did some good things in this ball game. We've got to build on it and move on. We've got to win the next game, that's the most important thing to us. Again, realistically most of it's out of our control. We need to win out and they're aware of that. The only chance you've got is to win the next one.

(on if it is unusual to have so many NFC opponents this late in the season)

Not necessarily. That's the schedule maker's doing. But what I think we're excited about is to finally get home for three weeks. That's going to be a good opportunity for us.

(on the hold on second-and-goal and if that changes play calling)

It's a tremendous change and thought process and play selection, tremendous. You're talking about goal-to-go, there's a big difference between second-and-goal on the one or third-and-goal on the one where we would have been had that not been called. Then having to replay the down and having to go back to the 11. That's a significant change.

(on if he's impressed with how the team has persevered)

When you've got a team that believes it can win games and knows that one or the other phases can make the plays to help you win, they understand when you play good teams, they can make plays too. You just have to fight through it. Our whole approach was to try to get the ball at the end. That was it. There's no secret to that in this game and we just didn't do it.

(on the playoffs)

We've not been eliminated yet, but we just need to win the next game. This last month of the National Football League may be one of the more excited months we've had in recent years as far as people still having opportunities to get in. I'm sure they'll be a team in Week 17 that score at the end to get in and teams that gave up a last-minute score that get bounced out. That's the way I see things going. Injuries have had a huge impact on clubs throughout the league. You've got teams that started fast that stalled, teams that are catching fire now. There's some great matchups down the line. But again, those are all for us to watch from afar and you guys to pay attention to. Our focus is on winning the next game.

(on why Rod Hood hasn't been active)

Just numbers. As I've said the last few weeks, it's been hard to get to 45.

(on Nick Harper's performance)

Nick just had one man-to-man thing that he stumbled on, but other than that I thought he played solid, solid run support. If anybody knows that offense, Nick does. I thought he played a good ball game.

(on Justin Gage)

You saw him return to practice last week and we'll try to get him involved more and we'll just see how he is.

(on the evaluation of Jason Jones)

We're still in the process. I hope to have some more information for you on Wednesday.

(on if Jason Jones could potentially be put on IR)

I'll have some more information for you on Wednesday. We're still in the process.

(on injuries to Michael Griffin and Ahmard Hall)

We had a few things in the ballgame, but nothing I think is going to threaten anybody as far as not being able to participate in practice and/or play in the ballgame.

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