Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference





(on the benefit of having the weekend off)

It kind of takes the shape of a bye week. This is a weekend where the players got a couple of days off. Those that needed the attention in the training room got it. Everybody came back and we had a short session on the field. It looked like everybody's doing well.

(on the possibility of being 0-2)

All our focus is on winning the game. It's not on losing the game. We'll talk about that down the line. Our attention is to play better than we did last week. If we can do that, then we'll have a good chance to win.

(on if there is a sense of urgency with both teams being 0-1)

Well it's a division game, second week of the regular season. You expect to see both teams improve. I expect to see a better Texan team that played against the Jets. I know they just got a little bit out of sync and got behind, couldn't catch up. They're certainly a much improved team over where they were last year.

(on if the Texans have a lot to prove)

I don't think they're different than anyone else. Everybody has optimism going into the season, coming off a productive and positive offseason program. Everybody has high expectations and that's really no different than where we are. Everybody wants to get off to a fast start and it's important.

(on the Texans not making the playoffs before)

Those are their issues. They're our next opponent. We're going to have to play better than last week to have a chance to beat them.

(on the Texans offense with RB Steve Slaton)

I think when it's all said and done, they have the potential to be one of the better run offenses that we will face. They're very well coached, they're explosive. It looks like they've improved over last year. They've finished quite high in offensive rankings last year in the league and they've got one of the best, if not the best, receiver in the ballgame right now. He's a tremendously talented player and he had over 200 yards against us last time we played them. We can play good defense here, so he's a fine player.

(on why the Texans have one of the better run offense)

It's week two, they're equipped with their scheme, their passing threats down the field and their backs. They are very well equipped to be a top rushing team in the league.

(on the offense not finishing drives)

I would hope we would have finished off drives. I felt like we were in position to finish drives and we didn't. Until we do, hopefully it doesn't take long, but we need to get the ball in the end zone.

(on if there is any concern about the kick returners)

We've got Ryan Mouton who will be returning and he did a nice job for us in the preseason. I saw some things out of Javon (Ringer), so at this point I'm not concerned. It's like the rest of the team, we just have to keep improving.

(on Nate Washington)

I think with the fact he was able to play as long as he did in the game, which was our expectation, and the fact he's had some rest. He'll be fine this week without setbacks, he'll play more plays. However many, I don't know. One would expect that he'd play the number of plays a starter would play.

(on how many plays a starter plays)


(on if there is a chance Jared Cook or Bo Scaife will play against the Texans)


(on Bo Scaife's status)

He's improving. Everybody's improving.

(on if Bo Scaife will need any procedures for his injury)

When I announced the results of the MRI, I said the MRI was good.

(on if Bo Scaife practiced today)

I'll have a practice report for you on Wednesday.

(on David Thornton's status)

He's improving as well. Anybody that's been nicked or missed time because of injury is improving.

(on Craig Hentrich being hurt and struggling in the ball game)

There were a lot of players struggling with things in the ball game. He's improving, yes he's on that list. I don't think there's anybody that's not on that list, matter of fact.

(on anticipating if Jared Cook will have the same success that Kenny Britt had against Pittsburgh)

Well, we saw that in the preseason. We saw a little more production out of Cook than we did out of Britt in the preseason. One would think that if he's able to play, he also would be productive. Again, I'm pleased with Kenny's production in the game.

(on playing with three wide receivers)

Look at it this way, we had four active for the game and the fourth one didn't play in the game. So it was not a struggle, we got through the game with three.

(on if it matters to have three or four wide receivers)

It's something that most teams do. Rarely does a team go with a fourth wide receiver on the roster unless they're playing a four wide receiver package, or they get an injury, or they have a long drive.

(on Steve Slaton having 100 yards rushing in both games against the Titans last season)

They're a good running offense. They scheme very well. He's hard to get down. I think a big chunk that he got at Houston was when a number of our defensive players stopped because we thought in a four-minute situation he was bottled up and he squirted out of the back of the pile and picked up the big gain. That's the kind of runner he is, you have to make sure he's down.

(on if anyone stood out in Week 1 around the NFL)

No, a lot of attention has gone to the Denver game. You know, you can play solid football for 59 minutes and 45 seconds and lose a game in the last 15. That's how critical every play is.

(on if the Denver game is a good teaching tool)

As a staff, we try to look at different situations and scenarios. I'm sure both of those staffs are looking at it, especially Cincinnati. It's great for the league, it's great excitement, but it's not an easy thing to come to terms with in Cincinnati right now. We look at all of those things and try to determine if we were in that situation what we would do different.

(on the defensive pressure against Ben Roethlisberger)

I thought we got good pressure on him. There were a lot of hits on him. I thought throughout the game our pressure was good. Yeah, when you're throwing 38-40 times a game, that last drive you're going to tire a little bit. I think as a staff we feel the hardest thing to do in this league is rush the passer at the end of the game. That's the most physically taxing thing there is. I thought we still had enough juice to get there. They made some adjustments, threw the ball quick and kept people in. I'm not disappointed with our pressure whatsoever.

(on how Chuck Cecil was graded in his first game as defensive coordinator)

He got the same grade that the rest of the staff got.

(on the grade Jim Schwartz would get in his first head coaching game)

I don't make a habit of grading other coaches.

(on giving any words of encouragement to Jim Schwartz throughout the year)

No, we have our own issues here.

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