Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference





(on the way the first team offense and defense performed and if it had to do with camp starting later and being more relaxed)

Yeah, it is. I think there was some concern way back in the back of our minds as to how things were going to go without the normal practice days and the number of days prior to going into a preseason game. It's kind of what we expected to see especially with the first groups. As I said, we didn't have a lot of offense and defense but we had enough. We went out and we played. We played okay. It was kind of what we wanted to see. From that standpoint I'm pleased with what we got done. The effort was there, the enthusiasm was there. It's always interesting to watch the young guys in the first preseason game because they don't quite know what to expect. You tell them to watch the varsity the first couple of series and that's how you play. That's what they did and the young guys followed up at times. I think they were probably a little too emotional trying to do too much and that results in penalties. I mentioned the penalties last night. We had one penalty in the first quarter that was really a questionable call. The penalties started as the substitutions started and so we have a lot of things to clearly correct. I thought overall the starters got in and accomplished what they needed to.

(on the slow start to the running game)

There was a lot of people around the line of scrimmage. There was a lot of slanting. They were blitzing linebackers, blitzing safeties. Once we recognized that was going to be their approach we just adjusted. Unfortunately, we had a nice run called back. C.J. (Chris Johnson) did get the edge and got down the field. What we look at is not necessarily production per se, but people in the right place and everybody working in sync. Especially in the zone game and we had that. We just had penetration and somebody missed a safety and a safety in the backfield. We'll be okay as far as the run game.

(on having players in the correct position including Lavelle Hawkins)

He's improving. He's certainly improved over last year. He made a mistake, it was a costly error and he obviously admitted to it. He also did some good things. He blocked and made a nice catch on a low ball. He was lining up right and motioning right and for the most part doing good things. He just didn't have many opportunities to catch the ball.

(on how big the mistakes in a preseason game are)

We correct mistakes. Players don't make mistakes on purpose and it's our job to correct them. If I've got a player out there that continues to make mistakes it's not his fault, it's ours. That's what you do in preseason. We had a lot of different scenarios that came up with the safety at the end of the game. We got the two minute right before half and have a penalty on the boundary that cost us 15 yards and puts them in field goal range and allows them to score points with 30 seconds. Those are the type of things that you learn from.

(on why Craig Hentrich did not play)

He'll kick. He did a lot of kicking this week and he did his punting but he also did some place kicking. We just wanted to give Trap (A.J. Trapasso) and opportunity. We've got five games and he's played a lot of games over his career so he doesn't necessarily need to.

(on possibly waiting to run the trick play in the regular season)

No, there was no way I could run that particular play during the regular season. Because Craig [Hentrich] would not do it, I've tried to do it for years but he's, 'Nope, nope, not going to do it.'

(on evolution of fake punt)

Well we ran it against the Cincinatti Bengals the night Corey Dillon set the rookie rushing record against Gregg Williams' defense. We couldn't make a first down and we got in the situation we had it in and we called it. Reggie Roby ran for about 20 yards in the first half. Its one of those plays you can't run every year, every other year, its obviously once you see the formation and that type of motion then people adjust to it. Enough time had gone by where I felt like it was going to be successful.

(on who put the fake punt together)

We put it together way back when. I think Russ Purnell may have been special teams coach back then but we put it together then.

(on Cary Williams playing)

Its good to get him in game situations and he's continued to do that. He was a little rusty. He's battled on the practice field and he's made plays. One of the things you have to learn at the cornerback spot at any level but this one in particular is that if there is a negative play, you have to let it go, line up and play again. That's the thing that he will learn from this game. He had back-to-back missed tackles. You've got to let it clear, line it up, and make another play.

(on Vince Young's performance)

I thought he played well. He had one opportunity where I think had he not handed the ball off and kept it himself he would have gotten a first down. But that is part of that offense. Other than that, he made good decisions. With that said, he had someone in his face, which is unique. But both times or all three times we tried getting him on the edge, he had someone in his face. So he couldn't score. His first read was taken away and he had nothing but the sideline. It's a hard throw with someone in your face.

(on closing the gap between Patrick Ramsey and Vince Young)

Well Patrick [Ramsey] understands what we're doing. He's familiar with this offense, and we're talking about one preseason game. So Vince [Young] is our two, and Patrick is three.

(on difficulties when evaluating Patrick Ramsey against young players)

Part of the preseason process is to put people in different situations and scenarios. So it's not unlikely that Vince wouldn't have a start. There's a chance that Vince will start a preseason game as we move forward. We will give Pat an opportunity to play a little earlier on.

(on if Lendale White still showed power despite the weight loss)

He didn't get as many carries as we'd like to. One was called back, but he hit the hole quick and read it well. Those two back-to-back carries after he got down inside about the 10- yard line were good. He got two carries for 10 yards and a touchdown.

(on Chuck Cecil and the no huddle challenge)

In the first game as a coordinator calling plays a no huddle is going to challenge you a bit and he did a great job. We had a good sense they were going to a no huddle. We prepared for it this week and we gave the defense a couple of looks and talked about it. Fortunately, for him and for us with the coaches on defense, communication was easy to make the call. We didn't have any call issues. I just had one issue with him. We have a coaches box, alright, and I'm standing on the edge of the coaching box and I look down and he is on the 15-yard line and I had to bring him back. He lost track of where he was. Other than that, we did fine.

(on the explanation of Chuck Cecil not in the coaches box)

He was concentrating on getting the next call.

(on defense making risky lateral plays)

Well, I believe that our veteran players on defense understand the difference between a regular season game and a preseason game. Not that they are going to take more chances, but when the opportunity presents itself, I could see them doing it. I don't believe we will have a player on our defense risk losing the football. We learned that. Keith [Bulluck] had an interception last year and got the ball knocked out. Fortunately, we recovered it. When we get the ball back, we like to protect it. But we also like to push the ball down the field. I don't think that was a risk.

(on turning Kenny Britt loose this week)

Yes. We're going to have him on the practice field tomorrow. We're just going to practice him and expect for him to play in the ball game.

(on short week in preparation for Tampa Bay)

This is kind of how the week shapes up. We have no information whatsoever on Tampa Bay's offense because it's new and they have not played a game. We are just going to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday have training camp practices. We have a lot of things we have to work on. Friday, we will start on Tampa Bay. We are not going to game plan, per se against them. We are just going to line up and play. We have a lot to get done. We have three days to do it. It is going to go fast now. We spend today and part of tomorrow morning correcting the tape and then tomorrow afternoon we'll be in shoulder pads and working on specific things to help us for the opener.

(on how much bigger Alge Crumpler is)

He is moving good. He is a little bit bigger than where he was last year at his playing weight.

(on if he wants Crumpler that big)

I think he'll get back down to where he was.

(on Jared Cook's progression)

We put him in a couple situations on special teams that he had not practiced. He caught on real quick and he was efficient there. He can run forever and that was a big play caught on the third down play at the boundary. He did a good job blocking on the backside and a couple times at the point of attack.

(on Jared Cook hitting any kind of wall from all of the hard work)

No. That's fine. He's in very good shape.

(on really tough decisions regarding the defensive line with the good play of Vickerson and Birdine)

**We've got decisions in a lot of different positions and that's the benefit of the preseason. We should have an opportunity to evaluate.

(on performance of Vickerson and Birdine)

I think we can get more out of everybody. I'm not pleased with the two defensive offsides. He's (Vickerson) doing that on the practice field and he's doing it in games. He's got to get that under control or he can't play for us, but he is a very good player. He's productive. He's physical. Like I've said, with the weight loss now, he's got a chance to be an every down defensive tackle for us.

(on return of injured players)

I think that we've got a chance with Tulloch. I think towards the end of the week with Allred. Same thing with Stamer and that would also include Jacob Ford and Mark Jones.

(on Cramer's tests and whether he will practice and play)

I think he'll go.

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