Coach Fisher's Monday press conference




(On if he expects a rested team back this week)

No different than when we last talked. We're taking advantage of the opportunity to rest. A lot of guys were in over the weekend and we had a number of guys in there today getting an extra workout in. I'm sure we won't have any issues when everybody comes back. We'll be rested and ready to go.

(On if he expects every player on the practice field this week)

You know, I guess you'll have to wait and see until Wednesday. We might have some carryover things from the game, some precautionary things, guys that may still need an extra day off. But I think the overall health of this team is good.

(On if he watched the Browns play Sunday)

I watched the Browns today. Obviously, it was quite a ball game. Great defensive effort and a lot of runs. Unfortunately for the Browns they had a couple players hurt, we don't know their status. But they're playing hard. We've seen them a number of times this year against common opponents. They're a big, strong, defensive team that's I think ninth in the league in points allowed. Offensively, they have skilled players at every position so they're a very, very capable football team.

(On preparing for Ken Dorsey)

He's going to go in and execute their offense. That's what he does. He has experience in this league, we've seen him. He came in exactly three plays and knew exactly what to do with the football in tough situations after the sack on second-and-20, third-and-20 and fourth-and-20 and gave them a chance to make some plays.

(On if they benefit from facing Dorsey before)

Yeah, you do. I mean he's mobile, he's tall, he sees well, he makes good throws and he'll do what they expect of him as far as directing this offense.

(On if he's being too complementary about Dorsey)

No, I'm not. I said he knew exactly where to go with the football. He saw the play. When you're getting rushed by the Colts at the end on third-and-20, you have to have a chance to make a play. I've seen many quarterbacks on fourth-and-20 take a sack or throw the ball away. He gave them a chance to make a play. So I'm being very realistic, not complementary.

(On Dorsey coming in after so much time off)

I mean he's going to get a full week of practice. It's not going to be easy, I mean it's different for him had he been playing. But he's going to get a full week of practice. Since the reality of the Brady Quinn issue became apparent, he became their backup, so he got backup reps rather than the third-quarterback reps. Now he's going to have the benefit of a full week of practice. Their offense is a good offense. It's a different offense. It's one that does a really good job of attacking defenses. So he'll put them in position to make plays.

(On if they expect the Browns to pound the ball with Jamal Lewis)

I would expect to see Jamal many times, yes.

(On if the Titans are motivated by a win-and-in playoff scenario this week)

I don't think there's going to be a lack of motivation for this game. We put it in perspective immediately after the game Thursday night. They know what this game means, they know that this is the only game as far as we're concerned, none of the others mean anything. You can't control what happens out there, this weekend was a great example. You drive yourself crazy wondering what happens, 10 out of 12 teams I think won on the road. A lot of unique things happen. So all you can do is control this next week and that's what this week is about.

(On preparing for other possible Browns options at quarterback like Joshua Cribbs)

Well, Cribbs has taken snaps and he took one in the ball game. You have to expect and anticipate that they're going to put him in unique situations, situations other than your standard, conventional quarterback position. So we anticipate that and prepare for it.

(On Cribbs as a return man compared to other top returners in the league)

He's very physical and dynamic. He's got great vision. He's bigger and stronger than some of the others. I think the difference between he and [Leon] Washington and [Devin] Hester is he also is a four and a five on the kickoff cover team and he loves it. He's an outstanding special teams player.

(On moving from a college quarterback to professional kickoff returner)

Well, it's not like this is the first week he's going to be returning. He's been very effective for them. He's got great run skills, he can catch the ball, he understands return schemes and blocking schemes and he's very dangerous. He's a guy that's one of the top in the league for obvious reasons because his numbers speak for themselves.

(On getting back to the run)

Yeah, I mean it's the time of the year where you have to run it. I went back at the game again and looked at a number of plays that could have been significant gains for us so we need to take advantage of every opportunity every time we hand it off. So yeah, the run game is certainly going to continue to be an emphasis for us.

(On if rookies are hitting a wall now or when it was that they did)

It was four weeks ago. I thought they responded well. I thought CJ [Chris Johnson] bounced back. They're taking very good care of themselves and they're spending the extra time be it in the training room or in the weight room. We're emphasizing all those other things and right now we don't see any symptoms. We're especially pleased to be able to take advantage of this extra time off and I think that will help them significantly.

(On how he gets rookies to find their second wind)

Again, we've been addressing it for a few weeks. I think the time off will help. They understand it and it's an individual thing. Each one is different. We've asked each rookie, for whatever reason, to contribute differently. So when you have a guy that may have 1,000 yards rushing, you would expect him to be in a situation where he's probably taking a little more pounding than someone who's just covering kicks. It's different, we adjust, treat them differently back in the weight room and training room and all in an effort to make sure that they stay as fresh as possible.

(On Chris Johnson compared to other rookie running backs)

Well, I mean I think the season speaks for itself. His success is a direct effect of his teammates around him and that would include LenDale [White] to give him a break. Our offensive line, tight ends, receivers have done a nice job blocking. We've been a little inconsistent. He's flashed and we've flashed as a rushing team and we stalled a little bit and hope to pick it up.

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